Help Please, Cover Dilemma

Hi! I recently made these covers for my new book and I’m having some trouble picking between them— less about indecision and more of a problem?

My story is a contemporary wlw coming-of-age set in an optimistic apocalypse. It’s written to be pretty atmospheric, think an indie film, which is why I made the choices I did.

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The first one is the current placeholder. My problem is that both of my leads are girls of color and I, for the life of me, can’t find a black girl and a Korean girl in a picture of the same mood. The models I have right now are clearly white, or at least, never a black girl.

Cover makers, do you have any workarounds/solutions to find niche(?) images of POC characters? Is it worth considering the mood of the work or should I go for a generic girl on the cover with an accurate faceclaim?

General feedback is also welcomed. Which elements you liked, or didn’t like?

The blurb, if it helps.

In which the sun freaked out six years ago in 1995 and unceremoniously proceeded to fry all the electronics on the surface of the Earth.

It’s that time of year in an indistinguishable summer, there’s a word for not-anniversary for the annual visit to her grandma’s grave, Olivia tags along and Adele reads her poetry. Falls in love all over again.

While I don’t have any solutions for images of POC characters (sorry!) I do think that the middle and far right covers really do hit the mark for your “indie” feel. They are fantastic! Did you make these yourself?

Thank you! Yes, I made these myself with Canva.

I’ve made it a point to make my own covers because I’m such a stickler for details and I don’t want to bother the cover designer for incessant tweaks.


From your description, I really dig the first cover. I would pick it up and read the blurb from the cover if I was in a bookstore. Eye-catching without being overdone :slight_smile:

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These are BEAUTIFUL! I love the 3rd one, it screams summer time. I know it Isn’t ideal with your dilemma but its not too noticeable.

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I love the third one, and the warm tones of it :slight_smile:

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i like the middle one because it seems to best imply its about the relationship between the two female leads. If that’s your focus it should be presented though your cover. All of your covers look very nice and professional, good job.

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Thank you everyone so far for the input!
Hopefully someone comes around with a solution still.

I like the 3rd one, looks so refreshing.

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