Help Please



Still new to this site and not quite sure where to post this so feel free to close this and what not. But, do you have to have premium to be able to write more than one chapter of a book?


Nope you should be able to post multiple chapters with a normal account


All of Wattpad’s core functionalities are free, including reading and writing.

Premium just gives you more color options on your interface and no ads.


Well it seems quite the opposite is happening for me right now. I’ve tried the help tab, logging in and out, reloading the page, as well as my computer but it will not let me add a new part whatsoever? Any advice?


When you’re going to post it, have you gone into ‘continue writing’ then into ‘new part’?


Yes and when I click new part all it does is reload the same page I’m already on and nothing more. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!


Which page are you clicking add new part?

Are you on the My Works page that shows all your books, or are you on the individual my works book page? or the same link + the book id at the end

I can’t replicate the same issue, as it’s working on my end.

Is your email verified?


I went to my stories, then clicked continue writing and then clicked +new part and yes my account is activated. It just reloads the same page and that’s it.


Try this method:

  1. Write
  2. My Stories
  3. [Click the title of the book you want to add to]
  4. New Part

Just double checking, have you cleared your browser?


Yes that’s the exact method I used haha :sweat_smile: and yeah still nothing


You clicked the book title and were directed to a new page? This is different than hitting the continue writing button.

I’d suggest submitting a bug report with Support:

Unfortunately I’ve exhausted my idea what could help.