'help translate wattpad'


Hi! Is it still possible to help translate wattpad into other languages because I’m seeing some real bad translations from time to time, and would love to have that changed. I’ve been trying to google it but the site that it seems to direct to doesn’t exist anymore. I know I’ve seen the feature before, but that can have been years ago.

If it is possible, how?
Thanks :herb:


Re-boosting this in hope of answer!


If you’re seeing any particularly bad translations then I’d certainly encourage you to report that via the Help pages. You can also apply to join the Ambassadors if you’re 18+ as they help with some translation stuff and we always need good linguists on the team. More info here - https://www.wattpad.com/823619-the-ambassador-program-the-program - if you’re interested. What languages do you speak?

Ask the Ambassadors Anything.

Thanks. I speak Norwegian.


That’s a useful one =] We only have a couple of Norwegian speakers on the team at present. I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Norway in my early 20s. Great place, lovely people.


I have exactly the same problem. I try to translate my story from Greek into English and it is terribly difficult because Greek grammar is relatively difficult especially for translations.
I’ve got a bit of a piece and I’m translating the texts. Sometimes it is quite difficult as I have to use in English simpler words.


Not Sure i am ready for being an ambassador (,yet?), but if any translation help towards Danish is needed - feel free to reach out :slight_smile:


Thank you for the offer of help, it’s always much appreciated