Help with English grammar


Do you think Grammarly will be able to fix the problems the first poster mentioned about me confusing interrogative pronouns and demonstrative ones?


I dont have that issue but maybe it could be different systems I built my laptop myself so it runs a bit differently than others


Depends. Grammarly looks at singular sentences, not the full context. If the pronoun is incorrect in the context of the sentence, it’ll underline, but not if it is incorrect in the context of your whole story.


It might be. My computer is weird.


how is it spazzing maybe its a system issue you can fix


It’s the chat windows. When grammarly is on, the entire site starts vibrating. I think it’s because the logo is a little too big for the bar you write in.


oh maybe that’s it I guess I have G-ly ingrained into my system like autocorrect


Mine is a chrome extension, so it might be.


In English, there are certain things that you don’t have to say, people are aware of them because of context or expectation. For example, overusing ‘he/she’ in a sentence about the protagonist.

Also, I notice a mix of tenses: the running of the water the chirp of the birds.
They should ideally all match if placed in the same timezone - so the running of the water and the chirpING of the birds.

Hope this helps, I’ve got to get off now!


It does help, thank you very much!


I’ve just run the prologue through Grammarly, but it couldn’t find any mistakes. ;^:
I’m kind of disappointed because it couldn’t fix the problems mentioned.


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One thing I’ve discovered is a problem for many non-native speakers is the order of adjectives. As English speakers we intuitively know that quantity comes before color, as in “three black cats sat in the alley.” We don’t even think about it. But often when I read non-English language speaker’s work they mix up the order and it immediately hits me as “being off.”

Here is a link that discusses this aspect in more detail


That’s because there are no grammar mistakes, your English is impeccable. It’s just not how people generally speak, there are nuances, but actually you write perfectly. I know this makes no sense, but neither does English.

Anyway, I’ve read your work again and actually, don’t change anything, the complainers are just nitpicking xx


Hey guys, I need a little help.

“As she entered her dorm, Indiya noticed her roommate sitting at her assigned desk, writing rapidly in a notebook.”

Let us assume the roommates name is Ann
The scene i want to create is Ann sitting at the desk that Ann herself was assigned to. Any idea on how to write this?


Hello there! I’m also non-native English speaker but write in English. I studied English language and literature but still come across a lot of obstacles when writng. That’s why I progress really slowly, always looking for synonyms, checking grammar, checking whether my sentences sound natural… But I prefer writing in English, I feel there’s so much more you can do with English than with my native language.