HELPCan you publish your wattpad story elsewhere?

Can you publish your wattpad story elsewhere ( other sites)?
Would wattpad mind?
Please, I need answers

You can, but the only time it conflicts with Wattpad is if you apply for the Paid Program/Wattpad Books I’m pretty sure!

From what I’ve read you own your work. I’m publishing my book once i’m done. I own the rights. Granted I’ll be revising the story and it will change a bit before it’s placed on Amazon.

You can publish anywhere you want. They’re 100% your stories to do what you want with unless you have a contract with Paid Stories or a publishing house.

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It also applies if you enter and win the Wattys, but there is a time-limit on that restriction, like 6 months (but it could have changed).


Yes yes! Forgot to mention this!