Helpful Wattpaders


This hopped into my head after replying to someone else’s thread.

Who are the Wattpad members who have really helped you to improve or who you’ve seen really go out of their way to give great and helpful responses in the threads?


I’ve seen you give some good advice and shout out to @frjohnson @Beautifully-mixed @JosefinaFAAD @ImperialARG @FantasybkLover @BaxterWilhelm @DzenAlex


Omg thanks Sammy!!! :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


@XimeraGrey has always been very helpful!
@AWFrasier I always see you around replying and chatting
@HEEdwards I know you like to help out in the threads.
@DumDumPops4 and @FireAlwaysReturns Are always stalking around ready to jump in

It would be too long to tag everyone who has helped me lol, so thank you to all my writing friends :calmwolf:


I’m gonna throw a tag right back at ya.

@calmwolf is always helpful too. :sparkles:

And a huge shout-out to all of the mods!


@hazelgracewaters is pretty dope.


Wow! thank you Sam! Hugs!



Little shoutout for this great person!


True dat.


She’s freakin awesome.


Aw Thankies Fray

Yes! @Spruce_Goose @xkaydotx @Angelic_Vamp
And the mods :calmwolf:


:hearts: :xkaydotx: everyone here is so great! I’ve encountered so many helpful and beautiful people here, I can’t possibly name them all! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Can we also throw a thanks to @KatherineArlene and @TheOrangutan for taking such good care of the threads?

And @stpolishook for being a sweetheart.


It’s so sweet of you to create this kinda appreciation topic =)

OK. Here are some of the helpful people I noticed around the forums:

@Angelic_Vamp This ambassador is one of the nicest, helpful, and open people I noticed around here :heart:
@stpolishook You’re one of the kindest people here. I still remember when you first welcomed me to the LOL35 thread. :heart:
@calmwolf Gurl, you’re so sweet. I love reading your replies :heart:
@AliciaM21 Your answers are always well-thought of and although they’re long they are definitely helpful =)
@AWFrasier You’re always around and you are so engaging with everyone around here.

There are more people who are helpful here but those are the ones who came to mind right now.


So much love for ALL the peoole named so far and so many more!! Without this community… idk where i would be :heart:


This is such a cute thread omg, I agree most people are so nice and helpful on these threads I love them


Two writers I must recommend, as they’ve helped me a ton in the short time I’ve been here, are:


Both have provided great feedback as well as having stories I’d recommend reading!




Awh, thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What a lovely idea for a topic =]