Helpful Wattpaders


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I love this topic! (:

I want to give a lot of love to @oliviarose85, @AWFrasier, @stpolishook, @xFakingaSmilex, @Pandean, @XimeraGrey, @KatherineArlene, @TheOrangutan! :heart:


Wow! Thank you guys so much!!


What a lovely topic :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be able to say anything if it weren’t for @AWFrasier and @Prisim. They are always helpful and kind. Fray has inadvertently made me start learning Danish, and Prisim is always willing to listen to my boohooing.

Also must mention the irreplaceable @stpolishook and @xkaydotx. You two are so lovely.

Couldn’t go without mentioning @KatherineArlene and @TheOrangutan either! They are so Community driven.

Must also make mention of the lovely folks in the industry insider, who offer their invaluable advice through all stages. @XimeraGrey, @AlecHutson, @MichaelJSullivan, and @AWExley.

I want to make a special mention of @Pandean. She is super kind and an asset to the community. When I made my return to wattpad, she gave me advice on my first chapter without me even asking. I was taken aback, because she was so successful, and I was just me! She’s awesome.

Also, @Xenoclea. She is incredibly kind and supportive!

I am sure I am missing a few in this huge community. Every additional thought and voice is valid and important, and I am so happy I get to contribute to a place of diverse, welcoming voices.


!!! Thank you!!! This honestly made my day :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


I was not ready for this. I should’ve prepared a speech


Have we added @MartyCameron to this list? :heart:


Honestly i dont know who to name cause there are just so many and i KNOW i will forget someone and feel awful😅


Now I have to add to this too because there are so many people who helped me and are just generally wonderful :sparkles:

@AWFrasier, who not only is kind and friendly but also really, really helpful and always willing to talk

@astrophile because I am convinced that they’re secretly running Wattpad because of all the awesome stuff they do; I would say they need a metal but they’ve already gotten that special achievement from the ambs like 10 times (for good reason)

@MakaylaSophia, who has worked hard to be a positive (woot woot WritePosi) and friendly and sweet force in our beloved community

@stpolishook is amazing and should be paid for all the awesome work she does here. #payceystacey

@AliciaM21 who I rarely talk to but nearly always see, and she’s always ready with an in-depth, helpful answer!

@HEEdwards who’s always here, always friendly, and a really, really talented artist!!

@oliviarose85, the awesome OP and generally wonderful and helpful person (we’ve talked, like, once, but every time I see you you’re helping out)

@saintc, who always answers her PMs even though she’s magical and famous and truly does care for her fans

And of course @Pandean, my first and best Wattpad friend who even though is now a published author (!!!) is always here for me and everyone on the threads with a funny comment, a Buffy gif, or a rant about how amazing goats are




Thank you!!


I’m just gonna cry a little over here. Thanks guys :sob: :heart:

Y’all are so loved :sparkling_heart:


@Xenoclea :heart: :heart:

@spicy_sweets @AWFrasier @stpolishook @MakaylaSophia @XimeraGrey @oliviarose85 @astrophile The helpfulness you show to new and old wattpad users alike is unmatched. Thanks for being patient and answering questions, and thanks for giving so much back to the community.

@Pandean @absentminded_artist @Tensukishi @Xenoclea @AriesArianna @crimson_mystery_cake @Mal (You keep changing your username I don’t know what it is now. :rofl:) Met you guys on the threads. Still very good friends years later. Thanks for being awesome people.

A lot of them aren’t on the threads much, but @esyoung @MakaylaSophia @SerendipityD @admissable @YourRoyalDeadness @Spotlight @aestas @AuthorishNicole @RuthieEbun for being a great support system and writing circle. Thank you for all the advice, and thank you for taking big steps with me on my writing journey when I was afraid to take them myself.


The threads would not be the same without you❤️ And see! This is why i am afraid to list… i read everyone elses and keep realizing how many people i would have left out. I just love the whole wattpad community so much!:hugs:


Thank you so much! :purple_heart:


You’re so amazing, Saint!


This is an awesome thread! :smiley:
Most of the people have already been mentioned and they really deserve that! :smiley:
I’ll go ahead and mention two more :slight_smile:
@matzeztam and @Nablai These two are always so helpful to everyone! Thank you! :smiley:


Don’t hesitate to mention those who have already been mentioned. It gives them even more if the warm and fuzzies.


My friend @Bobbi_McAllister is the best!!! Never hurt her.