Helpful Wattpaders


That is so sweet, oml.


You helped me UwU


We’ll do our best not to.


(this is a great topic btw)

All right, I’ve got quite a list of my favorite cool cats, sweet beans and Certified Beautiful Humans:

@Xenoclea @AWFrasier @absentminded_artist @HEEdwards @heiress-of-slytherin @Andyjo1 @astrophile @LifeOfABB @HappySmileyGuy @LiteraryBeast @LightenTheShadows @bmecha @KalesReclaim @choco-latte

(and of course, no list would be complete without @KalethAnaton and @SirGrecious)

(oh, and @nick - thank you for putting up with us)

I’m sure I’m forgetting people because there are so many sweet beans, cool cats and Certified Beautiful People on these forums - if I remember anybody I left out I shall promptly add them.


Almost did a spittake seeing myself tagged here, oml. Thank you so much :sob:


This thread is precious! :heart:

I’m sure all these lovely people have been mentioned, but I’m going to mention them again because they are AWESOME and have bettered my Wattpad experience both on the main platform and in the threads.

@calmwolf @FireAlwaysReturns @TeaNHeartache @AMLKoski @odemira @EllenFairyBlue4 @golfballshifter @Olivaughn @aminaleeds13 @druidrose @ESHurricane @saintc




Aw, thankies Cay :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


awww git outta here


Omg this is so nice. So many names to list as my favourites.

@AWFrasier @XimeraGrey @stpolishook @MakaylaSophia @Pandean @Xenoclea @xkaydotx @absentminded_artist @saintc forgive me if i forget anyone there’s so many names.


You’ve picked some great ones!


Guess what? Everyone loves you very much!




She has been really helpful to me as of late and has earned a round of applause. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:




thank you :sob::sparkling_heart: my heart’s soft.


Oh, thank you @MakaylaSophia


That’s so sweet! Thank you!


I can’t say I’m the nicest :rofl: But seriously, thanks guys. You’re also the same too in here :hugs: :heart:

And for me, I’m gonna say everyone (wattpadders and ambs) :stuck_out_tongue: Really brighten my days and help talk more since shy me wouldn’t open her mouth lol

Also my real life and sometimes WP @Lilly_B_L Give me rewards for complimenting you!


@EverestNeverlynn and @Snirion have been super kind, humorous, and wonderful people.