Helpful Wattpaders




i second this!

also you - you helped me so much with my blog post questions and social media thread! :two_hearts:

this is such a lovely positive thread to wake up to!


Thanks a lot for the mention. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Well, this was unexpected surprise but a welcomed one! flicks hair dramatically First I want to thank my parents for always doubting me, I burn bright thanks to their rejection fuel! Second I want to thank all the people with a sense of humor, my life would be dreadful … Oh, this not the place for such things?

Joking aside thanks for a shout-out! Made me happy this noon … when I woke up xD


c’mon i wasn’t that good :sweat_smile:


Oh and @Ariador Jasper’s our pocket-sized Wikipedia :smiley: He always has answers to almost everything :smile:


Oh, thank you. Although I guess I’m not that smart.


Yes, you are :slight_smile:


I’d like to give a big shout-out to Gavin @TheOrangutan for skillfully handling Schuyler’s posts. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Those are difficult posts to handle. You need style and patience.


And an in-depth experience and knowledge of the clubs.


You are the KINDEST. Thank you so much. I didn’t see this yesterday, but finding it today has been such a joy :slight_smile: HUGS!


Aw, thank you! I appreciate the shout out. :heart:


as of now no one has helped me out , sadly, but my neww book just hit chapter 10 and 100 reads !


Congratulations :slight_smile: You can share your accomplishments in this thread too-


@SarahSokol5 @AliceHausling @BrookeKuipers @PellinorLover2314


@JMills is a kind, helpful and wonderful friend. Thanks Jesse :slight_smile:




That’s sweet of you to mention me! I’m honoured :wink: :joy:


you are so amazing thank you so much @wildwolf708 love you keep on going strong.