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In this Topic we are going to help each other if anybody needs anything. Even if it is reads, but mostly critic and advice!!

My question is, how do you write kissing scenes? Lol.
I’ve never written any so I have no idea how to do it.


Think about the context of it first. Is this kiss part of a building relationship or a hookup? Is it sweet or steamy? That should help you find emotions to pick and write about: love, lust, desperation, passion or a mix? You can display these emotions through actions such as pulling them closer or hand placements etc.

Use your senses as well. What can they feel? What can they smell?

If you have any questions, just ask! I hope this helps somehow :relaxed:

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Oh yes it actually helped me! Thank you :hugs:

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Happy to hear that!

Bring in the mood of the scene, as well as the character’s and who they are to one another up to that point.

Writing a first kiss, even when you have tons of personal experience and experience in writing them, it always tends to make us feel like romance virgins. I wrote my first kiss scene back in 1997 and still feel full of nerves whenever I write the first one for any book.

Build the tension and emotion, play in your characters personalities, tap into their senses and let it rip.

There’s no shame in looking up kissing scenes in books (just google ‘best kiss scenes in novels’).


I make mine pretty spontaneous, but they’re sweet and emotional in a realistic way.

The best way to approach a kissing scene is in building up the tension that leads to it! :slight_smile:

Some of my favorite kiss scenes don’t dwell that much on the physicality. Instead, the writer will paint the scene - not just the couple…so that we feel like we’re in this little moment with them. Knowing their thoughts also help! Teasing dialogue before kissing scenes also always get me like this —> :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

It’s the yearning :blush: that makes for a satisfying kiss :blush: (for me, at least!)

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I definitely feel your pain, i have the same issue writing passionate scenes. I am a passionate person, but for some reason getting that out in words is kind of hard. I usually read other pieces or novels and try to grab inspiration from words and expressions they have used. I also dont want to gross the reader out either with to much details.

Romantic scenes are my favorite to write! Because I like to create tension beforehand and the release of that tension is just so satisfying. I love myself a good slow burn so that’s how I write.

The kiss itself, in writing, is less about the mechanics of the kiss itself, and more about the build up, about the mood of the scene and the relationship you’ve established between your characters. If you’ve created a dynamic where your readers are cheering for them to get together, they will love the kiss scene!

So so true. Just like in real life!

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I put metaphors personally. I feel like making it too literal with physical details would be less romance and more erotic.

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Hi everyone!
I started my account in 2016 and left Wattpad around 2018.

I’m back now and would love to engage in the community and meet new people.

I’m not too sure how to use this whole forum thing. Could anyone give me some tips or send me a PM? Thankyou in advance xx

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Hi! Nice to meet you all! I really appreciate what this club does. I just started writing a story not a month ago and I would really love it if you can give me critique and feed back. I want to make my story better and all help is really needed :slight_smile: If not, that’s alright too! Thank you so much!

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Hi! I definitely understand the struggle! I advice you do the tutorials with the RobotAmbassador. It gives you the basics and the key things you need to know with the trust levels. :slight_smile:

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