HELPPP MEEEEEE ( I am new here )


oh kk


so readers don’t come here?


plus, how do we follow people here, or CAN we follow people/writers here?


yes, you can follow writers just go to their profile and click follow.


oh. thx, let me try that out.


wait. would that work on a laptop dho?


it should be the exact same it took me a while to figure out but I’ve been on here for almost five years I suggest you just play around with it.


kk. thx i will see if i can find it <3


Depends. For example, I’m a reader not a writer and I’m here. :joy:

Some writers are also readers.

But I stumbled upon the clubs.


Oh, hello! Welcome to the community! (I’ve never showed a newbie around, so sorry if I’m not good at it)


Hello and welcome to wattpad!


snaps fingers like I’m in an old Broadway show
Come on in! The cafe’s great! It’s a place for conversation if you can keep up the pace!
Improve Your Writing’s for writing advice, keep it nice, you might wanna wait a bit, the Cafe will show you around and tell you everything you need to know.

Story Services is where you can go to get stuff for your newest story or show.
The MDC, Multimedia Designs, I don’t frequent it, but it’s pretty fine! If you’re into graphic design, that’s the place for you to go!

The Genre Clubs are for genre stuff, I’ll bet you anything that it’s enough for the genre writers in all of us to use.
Share Your Stories is for advertising, but nobody reads it, so I guess it’s fine if you don’t really use it all that often, 'cause I don’t either

Industry Insiders’ where the fancy folks are, the ones with the stars in their eyes, they’ll try to get a start and they might get their stuff made into Netflix shows
Wattpad Feedback’s for official stuff, where we go to complain about the new additions to the site, like Coins and the infinite scroll (the forums once had pages, shocking I know)

The Pub is slow and it is where the adults go to chat because the Cafe’s full of kids (like me) and I don’t go there because that’s where the grown ups are.

But there’s just one thing! That I forgot! Conveniently! Because that part’s the one I love the most!
Yeah, I know
We’ve got a-line-at-a-time stuff and writing games! Where all the nonbinaries and dudes and dames go to show
Their creativity
We rate premises! And we race! Against the clock! Would your MCs get along? I don’t knoooooow! Ohhhhhh!

And that’s!
The Wattpad

Spoken: sorry it’s not great


No that was rly helpful :heart:


Thanks everyone for the help so far :heart:


Oh you’re welcome! :smiley: Glad I could be of assistance.


question: how does the followers thing work?


Oh, it’s simple! If you follow somebody, you’ll get updates on new book chapters of theirs and such. People with more followers are considered more popular.


cool! thx


But it’s better not to worry about follower count. If you do you’ll get self conscious and sad because you feel like you’ll never be popular (or popular enough).


k thx <3