Dirk Schputz is a professional henchman. A minion for hire for whatever supervillian is looking. After losing his job and being blackballed by the moody, moderately-evil Professor Delta, Dirk can’t seem to find work anywhere. So, worried about the future, he(temporarily)agrees to work pro bono for Doctor Heavy, a new kid in town who swears he’s really, very evil, and is just a semester from finishing his Phd(in gravitational physics). All the kid needs is some help getting his evil organization off the ground, and maybe advice on paying off his school loans.

The story is meant to be in the same ballpark as The Tick. Dirk teaches his protege everything he knows about supervillainery(how to laugh evilly, how to draw up plans for destroying the world, how to choose a proper nemesis), in the process he starts to wonder whether the world needs yet another cackling supervillain at all. The book would be around 80k words.


I’m afraid this isn’t really a summary I can work with, as it doesn’t outline the complete storyline. This is closer to a blurb to sell someone reading the story. You can check other posts here for examples.

Tag me if you update it.

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