Here’s one for Stan



I’ve never felt particularly affected when a celebrity passes away. But for some reason Stan Lee’s death hit me hard – holding back tears to not seem ridiculous - hard.

How is that possible? Why I am so sad over the death of someone I never met, and who had lived a full 95 amazing years?

The thing is I did know him, and so do all of you. He was one of us: a storyteller. Whether you write non-fiction, horror, sci-fi or historical fiction, you provide a safe place for strangers to be swept up by imagination, and to feel the very human emotions we so often need to hide in public.

Even though stan wasn0t actively creating anymore, he became a symbol for dreamers all over the world. So, no matter what your age, nationality, gender, write something today. It’s up to us to pick up the slack, because the world needs dreamers more than ever.

Write for the kid you once were, the one that people thought was oddly quiet, but they didn’t know you were creating epic stories during those long car rides, or to escape the mundanity of school.

Write for the kid that is lonely and needs a hero (human or otherwise).

Write for the adult that thinks he’s trapped in 9 to 5 forever.

And write a few lines for Stan, to tell him “Thank you, rest easy, we’ve got this”


rest in peace stan lee


Stan Lee was to me an icon, someone whose name alone invokes memories of childhood superhero costumes and binging on marvel movies. I remember watching a documentary on the making of superheroes and Stan really stood out as a visionary, a pioneer and a dreamer.

His legacy will live on. He was one of the coolest people to live.

Rest in peace Stan Lee