Here's Jonathan Franzen's Top Ten Rules For Novelists


I’m. So. Jealous.


Lucky you, Stacey :slight_smile:


Legit I dont think I understood how amazing it would be till I got there? hehe. I’ll leave a word of wisdom quote here that I think is always good for us to remember, especially in the query/writing trenches

“You can bless your own life by being happy for other people’s successes”

-Oprah 11/15/18


I’ve another favorite, Stacey -
“Be kind, be honest, be fair and be true. And all these things will come back to you. What goes around comes around.”

  1. 6 makes me want to take that observation and turn it into an epic critical comment. Example: “I can take those characters and shit a better plot line!”


Okay, guys, I’ve found the best rebuttal to this article (outside of tweet)


That was great!


This was all I was waiting for:

  1. You have to love before you can be relentless.

When all else fails, start transcribing fortune cookies.

And she’s so right! :joy:


Loved it. Thanks for sharing =]


Here’s one of my big problems with you and your posts. You put forth an opinion as if you were an expert when you LACK personal experience. You haven’t published any books yet…not self or traditional. There are many people here who have done multiple books, so yeah, I’ll take their advice over yours.

Not sure if this was me or not, but for the record…if you are talking about ebook formatting, the cost is not dictated by word count. A 50,000 word novel will take the same amount of time as a 200,000 word novel, because it’s just search/replace. Now if you have a book with a large number of graphics or a huge number of chapters, that may take a bit longer. But you should be able to get an ebook made from a word file for $50 - $150. (I have no idea what you are being charged.

Then it turned out that I was indeed right about it–which lays open the very idea that even those who claim to be “knowledgeable” about everything in known existence tends to miss out on some critical information.

Heavily involved does not equal knowledgable. A person who stumbles aimlessly in the dark shouldn’t be followed. People here need to know who has REAL experience, and who just talks as if they do.

And some have experience with both ;-). 9 traditional and 9 self-published. But there are a few people here, that are knowledgeable about both. IIRC XimeraGrey has only been traditionally published but she knows A LOT about self-publishing such that I respect her comments on the subject.


Honestly I’ve been on Wattpad for less than a month and I’ve already noticed that OP just posts drivel, starts fights, acts like he’s the only person in the world who can rite gud, then just disappears out of whatever thread he’s crapped on to go start another.

Why people aren’t just straight-up ignoring him I have no idea.


Well… many of us try, but when he posts things that will mislead newbies, we end up having to rebut.

There are people who don’t know him – and I cringe every time they respond, since it just encourages him. And there are people who haven’t lost hope that reasonable responses will make a difference. (They won’t.)


That’s a good point. Posting for the silent observers.


This forum needs a mute button, to allow you to hide messages from a given user, for a given amount of time or indefinitely. (And probably it needs to hide replies to that user’s posts, too.) Though that wouldn’t stop the person we’re talking about from misleading newbies. Maybe we also need some sort of reputation system, with the number of people who’ve muted you being a factor in it.


From what i’ve heard the owner of discourse is against muting and blocking or anything of that nature and since we are using discourse well… but it is a damn good idea especially your point of reputation.


Hmm. I don’t quite see how not being able to ignore someone who I’d rather not listen to matches with Discourse’s slogan of “civilised discussion for your [whatever].” To my way of thinking, silence is more civilised than shouting. Discourse is GPL’d, so if the developers won’t add a mute button, someone else could fork the project and add their own. But then they’d have to convince Wattpad to use their version.

(And I’m aware that I’m dragging the conversation even further from the OP’s topic, and so am contributing to the absence of civilised discussion. I’ll try to mute myself now…)


Because some people who come to these threads don’t know that he’s clueless. He “talks like he has authority” and that may lead people to make poor decisions. Those who do know what they are talking about are trying to “set the record straight.”


These forums have the flags, so that you can flag a user whenever you think he has gone overboard. Agree with you that we should ignore him. Rebutting or counter-arguing with the stated user even if it’s for those silent readers’ good, provokes him more. He’s famous across these forums, tbh. And the mods/ambassadors track him silently.