Here's to Another Read 4 Read 🥂

Read 4 Read + Feedback

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I don’t have much to do this week and thought it would be a good use of time!

Service offered: I will read your story and give feedback which can include: identifying typo/grammar mistakes, pointing out strong-suits, giving constructive criticism, or expressing interest/opinions. If you want me to give feedback on something specific, make sure you let me know in your request.

Payment: All you have to do is do the same for me (: Read one of the following + give feedback

Format for ‘request’:

Sounds chur

Feedback preference: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Title: Inverted
Genre: Paranormal.
Chapters to read: as many as you want. Shall we start with 3 and go from there?

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Sounds perfect

I’m game!

Title: Outrunning the Color Gray
Genre: YA (action)
Description: Caleigh (Cal) has vague memories of death when a man named Artemius gives her the choice to become a guardian angel. A light-wielding being meant to protect and serve. In making this choice, she’s left with no memories of her past, save for one that she won’t recall until after her hundred years of training. Added to this, she runs the risk of dying as an angel and becoming one of the countless and isolated stars in the sky. Regardless, she agrees, and even without her memories, Cal is forced to realize that her soul remembers darkness well. As she and her partner, Allete, fight their way through training, they realize that the darkness residing in Cal may very well be her end, even before she gets to earth.

I’m looking for constructive criticism and thoughts/opinions. I hope you enjoy it, should you read it!
Thank you for your time,
Nicole Goodspeed

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I’m in!

Title: Into the After
Genre: Sci-Fi


Still up for some reading? Let me know if you are down. I will get started on yours once you give me the green light.

Title/Genre: Simple Days - science fiction

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Awesome! I have three chapters including the prologue. I’ll get started on yours now.

I got your first chapter done, I gotta fold some laundry and then I will finish it up.


blurb: a book where jordan jasper doesn’t plan on getting so attached to the not-so-evil penelope park.

fandom: the 100 / legacies

status: on going :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Feminism for Dummies

Independent and sassy, Kala is not afraid to talk about sensitive topics and make fun of them.
She will lit the world of fire by throwing unique jokes, telling the most unpredictable stories, making her crowd cry from laughing and presenting a peculiar perspective of things: a woman’s point of view.

You are not going to be the same after you meet Kala!

This is very different from what you might be used to read, so please take your time
It is a 3 part story so I hope you read all of it
I’m excited to read all the chapters in your story, I’ll give you feedback too
Thank you sz

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Title/Genre: Under Tennessee Skies (Teen Fiction)

I’ll get started on yours as soon as you accept!

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Accepted! I will get to it by the end of tomorrow

Accepted. This sounds like something i will like


Hey Im interested in Read4Read. I would really value your feedback. And i promise to do the same

The year is 1230 AO (After Omisha). The Realm of Skatia is under grave danger of treachery, deceitfulness and back-stabbing. As the risk of Blue Epidemic seems to strike again, how will the Realm respond to such adversity? Will the 9 Realms work together to save Skatia or will they leave Skatia to doom?

I’m sorry but I’m not accepting anymore requests as I currently have quite a bit that I still need to catch up on.

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