Hey can I add views to my own stories?

It’s jsut I’ll get like one view on shit and I’ll be like - hmm, was that just me reading it or is some poor soul actually reading this dribble


Yes I believe every time any user looks at a chapter it counts as a read.

Yes, unfortunately. Every time you edit a published chapter, you give yourself a view. Hence, the reason why people complain about it. I think I’ve given myself about 50 or more views. :upside_down_face:

Apparently you can only accidentally read once per chapter per day.

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Easiest way to get reads is to read other people’s work and comment then they’ll read yours and comment in return! Go to Story service, you’ll see requests for Read for Reads! I hope I helped?

As they said, that was your read.

But my stats say the read was by a person 45+ from the US when Im from AUS?

Does it really help??
I mean I have never tried but do people opt to read our story??

Where is Story Service???

Here https://www.wattpadwriters.com/c/story-services

Thanks I will check it out ASAP

I asked the same question and here are the answers I got:

In short, you can add one read per chapter to your own book every 24 hours.

Sorry for the late reply! I hope you’ve found it through the link @LigerCat sent you!
Story service has helped me a lot! I hope it helps you as well :grinning:

No problem it is okay.
And for help yup I don’t think that is great help because I am not really getting one. :cry::cry::cry:

I keep giving my own story views, it’s confusing. I kind of wish it didn’t happen. Meanwhile I think my roommate who is reading my story doesn’t always end up increasing the views; and doesn’t increase the unique reader count because she has my same isp :frowning:

OMG I noticed that too!

Then I was like, there are some people on here with like, no reads, what if I just keep clicking on their book?! :no_mouth:

But that would be mean, so I didn’t do it. :joy:

Hi! Gabby here from Support! :wave:

I’ve seen a few threads with similar questions/feedback around author’s own views being added to their stories (in case you don’t think we’re listening, hi, I see you!) and since this is the latest thread, thought it might be helpful to post a reply here, but can be shared with any other threads that mention this!

I’ve gone through the threads, collected the data, and presented them to the product team, and the present answer around the question of “can we remove author’s reads from their own stories”, in short, is unfortunately not right now, no.

The way that our platform was designed and built, it’s not feasible to do this at this time. While this isn’t the answer that I’m sure most people wanted to hear, I hope you know that we are listening, we’re not ignoring you, and you’re not shouting into the void. While there can be a “never say never” attitude, this isn’t on any of our current future roadmaps as we’re trying to push our developer resources into creating new features and enhancing and expanding our existing ones, to overall make the platform better.

I hope that in this case, an answer is better than no answer. If you have any other questions, please let me know! :blush:

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Here are some ways to get more noticed on Wattpad:

  • Read and comment on other people’s stories.
  • Be active on other people’s conversations.
  • Follow people who like the same genre as you.
  • Always have a good attitude.

Here are some ways to get people to read your story:

  • Ask others for a read for read.
  • Use popular hashtags on your story.
  • Have an eye catching book cover.
  • Make sure your description is well written and attention grabbing.
  • Have an original title.
  • Make sure the first paragraph/chapter of your story will pull your readers in.