Hey Guys, Interested in Building a Community Together?

Hey superstars, what’s shaking :woozy_face:?

Are you interested in being part of a community that’s centred on connecting wattpaders?

Are you a reader, writer, designer or reviewer? Or do you just want a space to connect with people with the same interest as you and engage in conversations, in-house contests and competitions?

Coalition is on the verge of creating a community where connecting with one another is the priority and we’re ready to launch once we’ve got 10 sign-ups.

Please note: We use a Slack server for all communications and correspondence. We’ve gotten our 10 Founding Members and our community is live, Members will have join via our Wattpad page now.

If you’re interested, visit our Community Page to find out more.


Coalition Community Chat Thread Here


holaaa, podeis seguirme

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Hey @Rihamcha01, unfortunately English is all I speak and read :joy:

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Username:- @niapatel14
Reading:- basically anything that’s interesting
Writing:- mostly romance
Participation:- graphic designer, writer
Connecting ppl:- hell yes!!!
Age:- :raised_hands:
Noone to tag!:sweat_smile:

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Romance, supernatural, horror, most well written thing lol
Writer and reviewer
Just making new friends chatting and laughing
@CitizenSamurai (maybe you’d wanna join?)


I’ll follow you anywhere, Queen! : ) Thanks for tagging - I hope you’re going to have some time off this Thanksgiving weekend.

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I’m sure ready to eat! Then maybe drag my plump self to the gym. Lol. I AM setting time aside this weekend for reading a certain humiliated samurai’s story. And of course editing.:sob::joy:

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That makes me very happy to be part of your agenda during this T-giving downtime. I also have “Rising Sun” to complete - you’ve got a great gift for backstory that set an interesting and dramatic stage, I know stuff is about to elevate. And - yeah, I need to end my months-long break and start moving some of the scribbled notes into production …

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Yay! Glad to have you guys onboard @niapatel14 and @XOXOQueen72 :hugs:

8 more spots to go guys!!! Get in here❗️

  • Your username: cultoflit
  • What specific reading or writing-related topics interest you the most? I like dystopia, horror, action & all that but I do like romance too if it’s more of a subplot.
  • In which capacity would you be most likely to participate? Reader, writer & graphic design.
  • I’d be interested in connecting with other people interested in the same stuff as me. Or anybody, really.
  • Any friends who’d be interested? No friends to tag, unfortunately.
  • :raised_hands:
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Welcome onboard @cultoflit :hugs:.


Our member list so far. Once we reach 10 members, you’ll all receive a PM from me!










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Hey @CitizenSamurai what’s up? Are you joining as well?

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username: @citizensamurai
reading topics: I’m omnivorous, I read anything that’s well-written
writing topics: Fiction - I love stories about people who have to figure out what to do when everything else goes wrong
participation: Proofreading - I’m not saying my work is perfect, but I’m good at catching mice in other people’s stories
connections: I connect with folks who are here to work hard and do their best, and provide support
tagging: I’m going to let this grow organically - the right wanderers will find this : )
over 18: :raised_hands:


(thanks for the reminder! I forgot to fill out the form!)

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I thought as much! Welcome :hugs:

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Gracias : )

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By The Way you’re so right on this growing organically! I love that.

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: ) @XOXOQueen72 is bulletproof, so - if she’s in? I’m in, and I love your drive to make this happen - I’m impressed by how much you have published! Just added and followed (no obligations there - organic, remember?)

So you’re also not celebrating / observing a traditional Thanksgiving : )

Me and the missus aren’t tight with local fam, so we get to do whatever we want each holiday. Today? We’re doing Norwegian hot dogs and fondue.

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