Hey hey! Testing the new forum and chatting about what gives me #AllTheFeels


Hey guys! Just checking out the new forum !! What’s giving me AllTheFeels right now (hellooooooo… The Kissing Booth movie, obviously!) how bout you?


I don’t ship but I love romance stories where one of the characters has a sensory disability (mute, deaf, blind). It hits me right in the feels.


This current/last season of Voltron on Netflix. I had a conversation with a friend of mine on Facebook about all the feelz. It was so epic and intense with a number of plots having reveals, and numerous actions that shifted relationships. And cool space mechs.


I’ve read a story last week and went back to read it like 3 times because it was that good. I love when that happens! :grin:

Am I the only one who wasn’t a fan of the kissing booth movie? :neutral_face:


I wasn’t either but I also admit those kinds of stories are really really really hard to win me over. So I already had that bias going into it.


Reading a cute romance comic on Tappytoon (Between Love and Friendship.)


I haven’t watched The Kissing Booth, but someone told me it reminded them of Angus Tongs and Perfect Snogging, and 7 things I hate about you.


I don’t know the first two ones, but it’s definitely not like 10 things I hate about you.