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So, I’m also a new writer y’know and I would like to discover and read the stories of new Wattpad writers!
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A Puzzle of Trust and Lies (Wolf Secrets book 2)


For years Jared thought that his relationship with his high school crush is nothing, but casual meet-ups and secret nights, spent together. Until the moment he realizes his feeling will not be returned, no matter how much he tries. He can’t bear her two-faced attitude, public rejections and sour words.
Deciding to leave his miserable life behind and start anew, Jared is violently pulled back into Amely’s dirty game. She is capable of things he has never even expected. And she’s not letting him go.
Amely is much more than Jared has ever thought. She’s cunning and clever, so much more hiding under her beautiful shell. And she’s not human. Just like their infant child that Jared never thought existed.
Now, a war is brewing, threatening to destroy everything as they know it. Their enemies are closer than ever and their plans are much more dangerous than anyone has ever thought.

WARNING: This story is suitable for mature audiences only! 18+

Updates: Friday and Saturday.

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Title: The Wanderer
Summary: Riva Phadnis has a great life with a loving family, perfect grades and a bright future. All that changes when she realizes that she is a Wanderer who can travel to another world in her dreams. A world where political power holds greater value than a person’s life. And when that person turns out to be her mother, she has no choice but to accept her destiny and go on a quest that involves a mysterious baritone Prince.

With a strict deadline that comes with dangerous repercussions if not met and wandering emotions that get in the way of that, our smart heroine has to figure out what holds more importance in her life. She needs to figure out which world she’d rather choose, one with her perfect life or one with a chance at love.

If you enjoy stories with strong female characters, a completely new world and a girl who has to learn to not only accustom herself to it, but also train to conquer it, then this one’s for you.

"The Wanderer takes everything up a notch. Fights become Battles, Dislike becomes Hate, Power becomes Absolute and Love becomes Epic!"

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/126667393-the-wanderer

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I think you want this in #romance-SYS or #story-services for R for R. Just a friendly heads up. SYS doesn’t advertise the OP’s story and R for R is on the condition someone else reads your story for you to read theirs.


Ellie, a beautiful but ambitious girl left her hometown in Australia in hopes of a successful life. Five years of hard work in New York but with nothing to show for it. She actually ends up as a housekeeper for a spoiled and arrogant American heiress and model who hardly stays at home.

Sebastian Reed, New York’s hottest bachelor and heartbreaker, ladies gift from God, sexy British accents, extremely handsome, loaded and arrogant. The list is endless. Typical Alpha male. He got the looks, brain and he is one of Forbes top five billionaires in New york. He likes his girls elegant, rich educated and classy but nothing serious, strictly No string attached.

One night, Ellie accidentally bump into Sebastian and sparks flew. He mistook her for someone, A rich Australian heiress who is in New York, for vacation. Ellie thought after that one night, she will never have to meet Sebastian again but one dinner turns into many and then a marriage proposal.

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Title: Azarei’s Quest


Summary: When Azarei lost his mother his world stopped. He lost his home, and all he wants is to get it back. When he meets an enchanting elf in the woods it seems as though his world begins to turn again. If a home is a place what do you do when yours burns down? Can you return to a place that isn’t there anymore?

Link to your book: https://www.wattpad.com/story/207529708-azarei's-quest

Your username: appropriateopiate

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Title: Remember



Life in Victorian London is not easy, even less for a woman. That’s why when Miss Sorrow offers a succulent reward for clarifying her husband’s murky death, Elisabeth doesn’t think twice. Much more versatile and cunning than Scotland Yard, she will venture into a race for loot paying attention to bad tongues … and good ones too.

Link to your book:


Your username: ElisabethWhip

I will upload quite frecuently, so check it! Thanks a lot!

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Title: Artifice of Love
Summary: Celine Tierson is less than pleased when her parents send her younger half-brother Elliot to live with her in the city. With false allegations being flung at her at work and an ongoing crush on one of her co-workers, Celine already has her plate more than full.

When Celine and Elliot move to a mysterious town, they can no longer tell what is real from what is fake. Danger lurks beneath the smiles of the citizens of the town.

But what happens when she is introduced to Elliot’s former tutor Jeffrey? And what happens when the leader of the town presents her with a dangerous offer that she cannot refuse. Will Celine change into a person she no longer recognizes, or will she hold on to her values?
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/191577701-good-boy-bad-boy
Username: @Chelansea

Title: Miss CEO and the Mysterious Secretary
Summary: Veronica Shayth is the talented yet eccentric CEO of Sydius Entertainment. She is only interested in getting what she wants no matter which route she takes. When her top star gets into a drug scandal, she must do everything to keep her company afloat. Due to her circumstances, Veronica hires a mysterious man, one she deems rude and below her, as her secretary.

He turns her world upside down, showing her sides of herself that she never knew existed. What happens when Veronica and her secretary uncover a secret that could threaten their very lives? How will Veronica react when she realizes that the world is not always under her control. And will she be able to focus only on work or will her alluring secretary direct her attention elsewhere?
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/191585939-miss-ceo-and-the-mysterious-secretary
Username: @Chelansea

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Story Name: Sealed By Destiny
Genre: Romance and Humor
Story Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/203894553-sealed-by-destiny
Author: @saniya25shah

Natasha Roy
A girl who never felt she was good enough, struggling with school, strict parents who never understand what she’s going through, and no hope of finding love. Dreams of being successful and a love story but doesn’t think she will ever get it.

Neil Shaw
A guy who has everything, looks, family, love, and money. Despite all of this he is a sweet human, down to earth, and wants to fall in love with someone who is just like him (sweet and simple). Loves his family and would never do anything to hurt them.

When they meet sparks fly, and lives change. A story of two people who are similar yet totally different, who fall in love at the most unexpected time and a journey towards their happily ever after.

As they say good things come to you when you least expect them!!

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people cannot share their books outside of the designated ‘share your story’ club.

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Hi there,

I’ve moved your thread to #share-your-story:story-requests as it would be better suited there. I’ve also added “romance” to your thread title, as not to get spammed with stories outside of the ones you are searching for.

Thank you for understanding,
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I’m fairly new, less than 5 months, but my book’s been doing quite good, so I’m not sure I answer your criteria :sweat_smile:

Hey, I’m here just for a month. :slight_smile:

Title: Strength and Sensuality
Cover: strength%20and%20sensuality-forum
Summary: A modern day Pride and Prejudice story. Only sexier. :slight_smile:
Hera loses everything when she has to flee her homeland. Everything except her wit, sense of humor and unbreakable spirit. Starting a new life, she meets Mr. Regular Alpha, with a… well, let’s say, a very non-regular twist.
It’s an oldschool, slowbuild lovehate story, not instalove. But in the end it will be very, very satisfying.:slight_smile:
Link to your book: https://www.wattpad.com/story/205277062-strength-and-sensuality
Your username: HeraHarker

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I’ve got a fluffy LGBT fantasy romance. I hope you enjoy it!

Sun And Shadow


Goofy boys guard sheep and fail catastrophically to communicate in pseudo-ancient Greece: a romcom.

It’s not fun to be the twin brother of the most beautiful woman in the world. Lysandros, junior Prince of Chaldis, could tell you that much. It’s even less fun when when an arrogant warrior comes seeking Phoibe’s hand and decides to cozy up to him to get it.

But when Niketas turns out to be a suspiciously more-than-alright fella who grows on him like mold? That’s probably an appropriate time to stop talking about fun and start shaking his fist at the gods, because what else can you do in the face of fate and glory?

If you like sunny stories, semi-accurate Greek mythology rehashed beyond all hope, or characters desperately trying to comprehend one another, this is the novella for you!

Sun And Shadow is complete! You can find it at https://www.wattpad.com/story/187403995-sun-and-shadow

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Hey! I’m not sure what you consider a new writer, but I have been working on my NA Romance novel for about eight months now. It’s a sweet tale of overcoming grief and finding hope, and it is sure to engage all of your emotions as you read.

I will share it below, just in case it meets your requirements :relaxed: Thank you for the opportunity either way!

Title: Siren


Mute since the tragic accident, Ashlyn Holland has lived a quiet life in her childhood home, haunted daily by the shadow of her Father’s memory, but too afraid to let him go. Instead, she passes the day serving coffee and kindness, avoiding the ocean at all costs.

When Derek moves to town, however, her routine is interrupted, and the fears that have always held her back are challenged. As their relationship develops and Ashlyn finds freedom in love, disaster lingers in the back ready to strike. And when it does, it will either bring them closer together or tear them apart.



Title: My Secret Mobster Boyfriend
Author: AthenaKosalla
Genre: Romance, General Fiction, Action/Thriller, New Adult

“I only have three conditions: you’ll accompany me whenever your presence is needed, don’t tell anyone this isn’t real and do not fall in love with me.”

Dark prince meets nerdy doctor: Cate needs a boyfriend to avoid dreadful embarrassment at her upcoming high school reunion. Dray needs to bring home a girl with marriage potential before he will be allowed to take over the family business. In the absence of better options they agree to help each other. But with them obviously living in two completely different worlds, can this fateful deal really work out or will everything just end in an epic disaster?

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/206331065-my-secret-mobster-boyfriend

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I’ve got a few for you. I’ll start with the first book of my series (The Eternal Bonds Series).

It’s a recently completed romance with supernatural and fantasy elements. Also, it’s inspired by Hades and Persephone. I hope you enjoy. Be sure to stop by and drop some comments in the story and let me know your thoughts!

Title: Blood of Darkness
Cover: image
Summary: Inspired by Hades and Persephone

“Sometimes death isn’t the end. Sometimes people come back.”


Selena Silvers is an ordinary girl who loves to paint. She goes to school and works at a bookshop in Blackfell. Pretty ordinary. Except for two tiny details. One, she has an extraordinary ability to feel the emotions of those around her. Two, almost every night when she closes her eyes, she sees a gorgeous man with hair as black as night and eyes as gray as the sea after a storm. The problem is that she has no idea who he is or even if he’s real. Will she ever find out? And what other secrets are hiding in the darkness of the night?


Damien Drake is the eldest of the six Drake siblings and is forced to take the throne after his Father is murdered. Oh and the fun part? He’s a vampire surrounded by all the darkness that comes with being one. Dealing with loss has never been Damien’s strong suit and he’s gotten to a point where he forces himself to bury all of his emotions deep down and builds his walls up so high. Will his siblings or anyone else be able to reach him? And will he ever defeat the person responsible for his Father’s death?

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/191987540-blood-of-darkness

My username: @WondaGal

Rated mature due to possible graphic content (it’s due to some violent scenes, I don’t think they’re that graphic, but I’d rather be safe than sorry)

Also Book 2 of this series is currently out and is complete, it’s called Soul of Shadows, but be sure to read Blood of Darkness first!

Book 3 of the series is also out and is also complete, it’s called Heart of Radiance, but be sure to read Blood of Darkness and Soul of Shadows before checking out Heart of Radiance!


The second one I’ll share is my latest creation: Crepuscule, which is inspired by Thanatos. And there’s a lot of mythical easter eggs as well. It’s currently a work in progress, but I update regularly. Hope you enjoy! Be sure to stop by and drop some comments with your thoughts!

Title: Crepuscule
Cover: image

Summary: Inspired by Thanatos

“The future is subjective…and while you can change it, that doesn’t make it any less scary.”


Chloe Callahan is just a girl living in Angelwood with a big secret. She’s a Clairvoyant. She can see the future of those around her. But being a Clairvoyant is what eventually gets her into trouble as soon Chloe finds herself running for her life as something dark and evil chases her down. Will she ever make it to safety? And what’s chasing her and why?


Sebastian Stryker is a Reaper. A being responsible for sending souls to the afterlife. Sebastian has seen so much death and its started to take a toll on him. His brother and sister have tried to ease his pain, but they can’t do much since they’re experiencing the same thing he is. Is there anyone out there that can bring some light back to Sebastian’s dark world?

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/204568835-crepuscule

My username: @WondaGal

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Title: KALIE

Summary: Her name has a different meaning to everyone and she draws attention when she doesn’t want it. Finally, she actually has a place to call home, she comes across a person who reminds her of something she lost and finds herself caught in an unplanned love triangle with a person she thought as a family but can she survive the turbulent waves that seem to draw her in.
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/200985909-kalie

Username: @Kild_K

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**The order should be…
Title: My Last Breath

My name’s Davina and this is the story of how I died.

Link to your book:

Your username: @DinaHusseini84 **

Thanks a bunch!

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