Hey Urban Fantasy lovers, come say hello

I thought I should create a place for Urban Fantasy lovers and writers to say hello and talk about the issues of the genre.

If you’re not sure what Urban Fantasy is, here’s how the Wattpad pages devoted to it defines them:

Urban Fantasy
Urban fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy, consisting of stories with supernatural and/or magical elements set in real-world, urban settings. Works of the subgenre may also take place in futuristic and historical settings, actual or imagined, as long as the rules remain recognizable to those of the present universe.

Urban Fiction
Urban/Street Lit is a genre set in an urban landscape which is defined by socioeconomic realities and culture in a city. The tone for urban fiction is usually dark, focusing on the underside of city living. Profanity, sex, and violence are explicit, with the writer not shying away from or watering-down the material. Most authors of this genre draw upon their past experiences to depict their storylines. These stories have seen a renaissance of not only street fiction but a rise in Hip Hop, dominating female influences and Latino stories.

I’m assuming I don’t have to say what Fantasy is generally.

I realized recently that I’ve been writing Urban Fantasy most of my life but never knew it was a genre. Are you just realizing this too?

What do you think makes a good Urban Fantasy story?

Looking forward to all the cool discussion.

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Hiya! Jumping into the conversation soon after work. Cheers!

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Hey there! I write urban fantasy romance. It’s actually a tragic romance (the real tragedy is the writing!). It also has a rock fic subplot. I think I created my own genre with that one! lol I used to love Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series until it went so completely off the rails that it became unreadable.


Rock fic subplot? If you did create the genre, how would you define it? :slight_smile:

I’ve never really read the Anita Blake series. She mostly does vampire stuff right? Or am I misunderstanding it?

I am a big fan of vampire stuff. My major influence is Buffy the Vampire Slayer which is very much urban fantasy as a genre in my view.


Hello! Most if not all of my work on Wattpad feature at the very least urban fantasy elements, but usually I write just urban fantasy! I’d love to find out what other urban fantasies people are writing. :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t “Urban fiction” just be “Realistic fiction” then? I dunno that’s what I figured it was.

But anyway, I’m not a fan of urban fiction without fantasy elements, personally. I only read fantasy, it’s just my thing. Otherwise I get bored out of my mind. In terms of Urban Fantasy, here’s some books people know of that I think do it well:
Percy Jackson series & Harry Potter (though it has shortcomings I dislike personally, I still enjoy it even today)

I’m reading an urban fantasy centered around vampires. Or rather, listening to an audio book. As an author that also loves vampires, naturally urban fantasy is also a thing for me too. But the downfall of just vampires is, well. That. Just vampires. I love vampires mixed with a huge burst of other fantasy things too. So, this series I’m listening to is known as the “Bill the Vampire” series. It’s got crude humor, is vastly inappropriate, rude, and hilarious. It world builds so well, and the main character is a huge nerd I think I’m not supposed to understand, but I do because I also am a nerd :stuck_out_tongue: He goes on about Dungeons and Dragons a lot, and while I don’t play it (I roleplayed in WoW more than anything), I know vast amounts of the terminology. But what I really, really like about this series is how many fantasy elements it blends along with vampires.

I think that’s where a lot of vampire books are lacking. I wish the genre would embrace full fantasy, even if focused around vampires. Granted, I write what I’d want to read, so do just that. But reading books that do such things in a similar vein makes me happy. I love dragons too quite a bit :slight_smile:

It’s really a shame that Bright didn’t bring the genre justice. But I think Superhero movies deserve to count as ‘urban fantasy’ too. Because it is fantasy. While I’m not a superhero fan, I think the elements of fantasy within it allow it to be included. So we have an example right there of urban fantasy that people really enjoy.

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You and me both.

We have to be careful because there are community rules about what we can and can’t say about our work.

Mine centers around Greek mythology in a more real world setting. It’s very much inspired by my favorite series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is also Urban Fantasy in my view.

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So one thing I think is really important to consider in an urban fantasy (where magic is revealed to the ENTIRE world and not hidden. If magic is hidden, this spheal doesn’t apply!) that I emphasize in my book is the repercussions. Is magic making itself known? How would common people react? What would the government do? How would economics change? Would wars spring up for various things? How would pop culture be effected in general? What about the state of the world, are you including science (and more specifically, climate change if you’re taking matters into account right in this time period)? How much politics do you want to include in your story, and what’s going on in that part of the world you want to affect?

In mine, basically vampires take over humans as the dominant species on the planet. I had to build it as if we, average people, faced such a dilemma and had to deal with it. The biggest concern of mine was, of course, the government and armies of humans fighting back. I mean, we’ve got nukes, cyber warfare, the works. I explained it away by saying that human governments were dismantled, as were mass weapons. Many of the infrastructure elements were destroyed and needed to be rebuilt, but many were also kept in tact, depending on the “kingdom” of vampires and whether or not they accepted tech. I also needed to explain an in depth system to areas where humans & vampires could live in harmony, and developing something like THAT was a task but quite fun.

So yeah, important things to keep in mind. If you destroy something, how are you fixing it? And if you bring something out of the shadows, what would the mass reaction of the world be?


Bill the Vampire?

That was the name of the main vampire in True Blood. Is it like that?

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Haha… nope. Not at all :stuck_out_tongue: I knew someone would bring it up! It’s not the Sookie Stackhouse series, though I listened to an audiobook of THAT too. It’s much more comedic, less serious persay, but I find myself enjoying it a bit more than the Sookie Stackhouse series. I dunno, that one was much…slower, whereas “Bill the Vampire” is more fast paced.

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Do you feel that it has to be that big in terms of how it works? As in people have to know? Or can it be just a small group of people who know about magic and stuff?

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Oh, a small group of people definitely can be in the know! Secret magic is so much fun. Sorry, mine was more of a thing to bear in mind if you’re revealing it on a MASSIVE scale. Otherwise what I said doesn’t matter. Sorry for not clarifying that!

I know not a lot of stories do that sort of world-changing event, which is why I brought it up!

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Is the book on WP or is it entirely out of here?

Poorly! lol

Anita Blake is vampire/shifter stuff. She also does a fae series called Meredith Gentry which I’ve unsuccessfully tried to read. They’re both considered urban fantasy.

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i feel like its so hard to do so…like, how? Im scared to breach that aspect of my story, lol

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You mean Bill the Vampire or mine? Just out of curiosity ^^ Bill the Vampire is on Audible (that’s where I found it, though prolly easy to get on Amazon too), and mine’s just on Wattpad, but it’s extremely long.

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Bill the Vampire mainly.

I figured your stuff was on Wattpad. Otherwise why would you be here? :slight_smile:

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It really is hard to do, but I can share with you a speech from one of my characters if you’d like! It’s spoilers kinda-sorta-not-really (because the outcome is pretty obvious) but he addresses basically the result of the turmoil that brought out magic and myth to the surface. In his own city, at least.

What I did was basically focus a lens on one city in my story, which showed a part of this great war. After a few battles, I then had my characters start talking about the rest of the world, and start asking questions. This is something I’m especially working on in the sequel, where I show LA completely in RUINS like a dystopia, but other areas very well kept. It shows an imbalance of how these (vampire) kingdoms treat the human world, some very reasonable, and some not at all.

I mention pop culture elements of the human world through my characters, and in my most recent chapter of the sequel, they mention ‘companies still up and running’. I don’t go into detail as to how they’re up and running, as I want my reader to use their imagination there, they just know that some things are still working (like Netflix) and others aren’t (not sure what ‘others’ aren’t yet, but I’ll get there).