Hey, Wattpad Community - I'm MagicalArtist! Just saying "Hello" :)

Hey! I’m new to forums section of Wattpad. :wave:

Even though, I technically signed up to the wattpad.com quite site some time ago, I wasn’t actually actively using it back then.

I suppose in a way its still like I’m new, as I’m just starting to get involved properly. And as for the forums section I just joined that today.

I enjoy fantasy writing, sometimes serious :scream: and sometimes slightly silly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hope to find this a meaningful, enjoyable experience. Filled with fun. :sunglasses:

Thanks, :smiley:


Hi! Welcome.

I can guarantee you it’ll be just that!

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Hi @MagicalArtist, welcome to the forums!

I’ve edited out the part of your post directing to your writing. As per the rules, you can only direct people to your stories through the #share-your-story area. You can read the forum rules here: Cafe Club Guidelines

At the top of each category there are usually pinned threads with that categories particular guidelines. If you need any help exploring, please do let me know!

Thanks for understanding,
Makayla - Community Ambassador

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Thanks! :smile:

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Thanks for explaining and clarifying.

Hello, welcome to Wattpad.

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At first I read forums as humans… XD
Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile: It’s a lively place, lots to do!

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Thanks! :smile:

Hello! How are you? Welcome to wattpad.

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So, how is the community so far for you?


Haha :rofl: and thanks! :grinning:

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Hi! I’m good, thanks. How about you? Thanks for the welcome.


So far, so good. Thanks!
How’s your experience with it been?

It’s been hell of a rollercoaster, I hope you don’t get to experience much of the bad side xD

The community has a bad side? :hushed: Been here 6 months, never experienced anything bad here. (Apart from the pro/anti gun thread I shouldn’t have touched xD)

Hey, welcome! I love your username - are you into art? :slightly_smiling_face:

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The community is not bad, It’s a very fun and loving place but, some people can be a bit. . . You know, bully types.

Really? I must’ve gotten lucky then :slight_smile:



Thanks! :smiley: I do like art actually. I suppose when I made the username I was thinking of both writing as an art and also drawing/painting.
I guess you like art too…

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