Hey, Wattpad! Mirror Site!

I know I’m sure as hell not going to click on this link, but every now and then I google my book to see what pops up.

Wattpad knows of it and is trying to get it down, but as far as I heard it is not that easy

Source: The Truth about Truyen


Oh crap, it’s resurrected.

Not surprised. They’re pretty quick about these things. But just in case I figured I’d bring it up.


What is this? I’ve never seen that before. Did they just reupload your work?

Yup. Mirror sites get taken down quickly. They pretty much exist to plant viruses.

Ah, that sucks.

It happens sometimes. I freaked out about it the first time I saw it happen with one of my books a few years ago. They mirror Wattpad’s website to show several to most of the books here, like an exact replica with our names as the author’s and everything.

I avoid clicking on them and just send them the link or a screenshot. Wattpad takes them down as fast as they can. So long as it doesn’t have another author’s name on my book, I just deal with it.

I’ve started adding a note to the end of my blurb (at least when I can remember to do it) that basically states something along the lines “This book was posted on Wattpad. If you are reading it anywhere but wattpad, it was stolen. Please go to Wattpad and support the original author” Might not do much, but at least it’ll be there on any mirror sites out there.

Wattpad definitely takes care of them as fast as possible, but the international ones have a lot more hurdles to jump through. It’s why the Doc one has remained up. It’s in (if I remember right) Vietnam so is a lot more complicated for them to get removed.


Definitely Vietnam xD

That particular site in Vietnam has been going for years. If Watty takes it down, it pops right back on. I’ve seen my books on there several times and have accessed it with no problem. As far as I know, it stays online. American copyrights are not respected in many parts of the world where such piracy is not illegal.