Hi, I'm new!


Hello there!

My name is Erin and, as you may have guessed from the topic’s title, I’m new here. I joined Wattpad mostly as a way of getting me to work on my old stories again, but I’d also really like to get involved in the community aspect of it as well. Thus, my attempt to make first contact with whoever ends up reading this blurb.

Anyway, I’m a simple person who enjoys anime, video games, drawing, and (of course) writing. Fantasy is my preferred genre and I love seeing diverse characters whether it be regarding race, sexual orientation, or whatever else. I make Visual Novels in my free time and am terrible at updating my social media accounts.

That’s me in a nutshell! I’d love to get to know some other people here!

P.S. I really hope this is the place to post this sort of thing. Apologies if I’m already screwing it up! :open_mouth:




Hello to you, Erin.


Welcome Erin!

terrible at updating my social media accounts.

I can so relate to that… Mostly it all feels too noisy anyway :wink:


Hello Erin,

I’m Haruka!


Hey Erin and welcome! :hibiscus:


Hey Erin! Good to meet you :slight_smile: I like fantasy best too! And anime and video games. . . and writing! What are visual novels? Like graphic novels? Anyway, they sound awesome


Hello and welcome. I’m a new, old wattpadder who has come back to try something different. Would be interesting if you could incorporate the visual novels here


Why, thank you! :smile:


Haha, yeah! I imagine a lot of people can relate! I’m jealous of people who have it together.


Nice to meet you, Haruka! :smiley:


Thank you! :smiley:


Nice! You have awesome taste! I can tell! ;D Any favorites?
And Visual Novels are basically choose your own adventure novels in video game format. So you get pictures and music to go along with your story.


That would be pretty cool. I’m not sure how I’d do it though. One thing that’d be cool is to do a story that developed based on reader’s comments, but you’d have to have a decent following before that could be viable. That might be fun for me to think about in the future.


Hello, Erin! I am Alex or as you can see from my username, Synonym_Rolls. :slight_smile: I run this account that I am on with my beloved sister, Beth. It’s lovely to meet you! I am excited to see more of you in the community!


What Genres do you Write?


First of all, great username! I love the pun! :smiley: And it’s cool that you have a joint account with your sister. That probably adds an extra element of fun. Thank you for the warm welcome! Hopefully, I’ll be seeing you around the community too!


Thank you! And it does indeed. It is also a lot easier to keep up with messages, haha.


It’s pretty much just fantasy. Though, I guess I do occasionally write stories with horror elements. I’d like to do a Sci Fi story at some point, but I always end up going back to fantasy.

How about you?


Nice! That’s quite the benefit! I know I have my fair share of keeping up with my messages on various platforms. (I don’t even get that many. Probably because I’m so bad at keeping up with them. :stuck_out_tongue:)