Hi, I'm new!


I’m sort of new as well! I really like that writing on here does push me to do more. Even if I only have three or four people reading it is motivation! I really like diverse characters too and I’ve found there are some gems on here that really apply that concept well. Hope you have a good experience :slight_smile:


I love to do a variety of genres Including Fan-Fiction for my stories for 5 of my stories,

Romance, Humor, Fantasy, Musical, Adventure and Family for Amelia and The Magic Lamp

And Of Course,

Mystery, Musical, Science Fiction, Detective Fiction, Adventure, Family and Mystery For The Great Human Detective.


Hello new, I’m dad.


Nice! Newbies unite! :smiley: And I hear you! I haven’t built up a reader base at all yet, but I know that feeling from experiences on other sites! Those three or four people mean the world! And a
part of the reason I signed up is because I wanted to look for those kinds of stories. I’ll go hunting for my own gems soon enough! Good luck finding more of them and I hope you continue having a good experience!


Very nice! I’d really like to do more fan fiction myself, but I never get around to it. I get too caught up in the details and worry about small inaccuracies that don’t ultimately matter. :stuck_out_tongue: It sucks, because I have some ideas I’m really attached to that will probably never see fruition.

Anyway, enough about me! You’re doing it all! That’s awesome!


I actually had to look this meme up. I’m so behind the times! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello Erin, and welcome. I’m kind of new myself. Been here about a month. Still learning.



I need you to help me Write Who Framed Charlotte Rabbit

It Has The Same Plot Line As Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


Haia Erin! Welcome! :smiley:

And yup haha this is the place to post these kinda things. You are in the right place


Hi there and welcome to the clubs and to Wattpad :slight_smile:

I also love fantasy and like to draw (from time to time)


:dizzy_face: That sounds incredible!!! I feel like I need to search these out asap. Hmm… favourites… Books: HP series, Noughts&Crosses, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Nimona (graphic novel), Holes, The Name of the Wind. Anime: AOT, Noragami, FMA Brotherhood!

How about you? :smiley:


Thank you! It’s nice to meet you! And yeah, I’d say a month is still new. Good luck to both of us! :smiley:


Whew! That’s good news! You have alleviated my fears! (I always worry about stupid stuff like that!)

Anyway, thank you for the warm welcome! :smile:


Thanks for the warm welcome!

Fantasy is just the best, isn’t it? Okay, I love other genres too, but I do think it’s the most fun to write. And yay! A fellow artist!


Absolutely, even though I usually throw in some other elements into the stories, they’re always fantasy at their core.


Do it! They’re a lot of fun! Most of them are dating sims on some level though so if romance isn’t your thing then there isn’t as much of a selection. There are a lot of good free ones out there too!

As for books… I like anything by Hilari Bell. :stuck_out_tongue: I enjoy Harry Potter as well and I actually really like The Odyssey. School didn’t ruin that one for me. Haha.

I can get into most things anime wise. (You listed some good stuff! Of course, I’m behind a season on AOT and Noragami. Noooo!) Some of my favorites: Sengoku Basara, Berserk, Hunter x Hunter, Princess Tutu, No. 6, Tiger and Bunny, Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun, Natsume’s Book of Friends… I’m going to cut myself off there. That’s more than some at this point. :open_mouth:


Same. That’s the nice thing about fantasy. It’s so versatile! That’s why I never get bored with it!


Haha don’t worry! We all do this kinda stuff.

Annytime! Nice to meet you btw^•^


Oh yes good luck. So what do you write?


hihi i’m jade. would be so cool to see some more visual novels around here. also video games uwu do you play league