Hi, I'm new!


haha fairs. wattpad is pretty fast paced and lot’s of drama etc. but i think that’s why it’s so addictive tbh. a lot of people get distracted from writing by the community because the community is so large/has so much happening. from the sounds of it, this inkitt place probably allows you to focus more on your writing. not that wattpad is bad at all, it’s just got more of a social media feel if you get me. i’m not writing stories atm, so it’s probs not for me rn haha. but it sounds pretty good!


Do you do webcomics or graphic novels? And yeah it’s good to know I’m not the only one who overthinks their posts. :sweat_smile::joy::joy: That is an interesting way to find stories to read. I was actually doing the same on another thread. Now I’m here!
And don’t worry the art is fab :smile:


Uh-huh. Good thing I have completed most of my stories already so I can post but also be interactive with the community. And yes the Wattpad community is HUGE! And the literal first thought that came to me when I found these forums was “This is like joining a social media site.” Inkitt does allow you focus on writing but it’s terribly difficult to find readers or even views. Was kinda frustrated there but we must keep going on shouldn’t we? And I always had it in my mind to find exposure to other sites as well.


Me too. I’m a sucker for them. Haha. (They get me every time, dang it!)

Anyway, designing covers is cool too! It’s an important job! And I know how hard it is to commit to finishing a book so, trust me, I get it. I’m pretty good about finishing things I post publicly (even if it does take me forever), but I’ve got a lot of half started projects that never see the light of day because of that. (Hopefully I’ll revive some of them in my time here on Wattpad)

Bioware games used to be my favorite rpgs. They’ve kind of gone in a weird direction lately though so… We’ll see. But yeah, Dragon Age and Mass Effect are old favorites. I love the Persona games (4 is my fave). Fallout 4 is amazing. Witcher 3 is also amazing. Anything by Quantic Dreams is amazing (though, people might not generally think of their games as rpgs). Oh, and The Legend of Heroes games are epic (more specifically, trails in the sky and trails of cold steel)! What system(s) do you have? I mean, you can get most of those ones on pc (if you have a good computer), but I could probably recommend more relevant things with that info.


I used to, but it’s a lot of work. I got burned out on them. That’s actually why I started getting into Visual Novels. You don’t have to draw nearly as much for those and you still get to tell a story with pictures! Also, branching narratives based on choices are my jam so it turned out to be a natural fit. :smiley:

And oh ho ho! I see great minds think alike!


Shyness will fly away or once you get used to it. People here are really good. So you can post without any worries^•^


I’m so glad you found the right fit. And yeah, Webcomics do seem like a lot of work. Were you a part of any other online website before Wattpad?

:joy::joy: Uh-huh. We’re thinking in the same direction:joy::joy:


Cool! I wish I live in the US, Denmark is so boring and my English is sadly not as good as I wanted it to be :frowning: But I’m coping and I’m writing a lot, trying to improve my english. It’s pretty cold in Denmark right now. We almost have snow! :open_mouth:


aw, well i hope you have more success here! and wowow i only ever finished one book and that was the first in a series that i never finished T.T i can’t commit to writing lol, it’s kinda bad. but yess, wattpad is very fun when you have time for it! you’ll make good friends here.


Thanks a ton for all your support and good wishes :blush:. And yeah, I do hope I make friends around here. :grin: Already found a friend in you I suppose (at least one that’ll come running to rescue me when I get lost in the many threads I have entered) :joy:


lool, i love designing. did you draw your cover? the art is amazing <3.

and ooooo i was planning on getting persona 5 in summer (i have a ps4) and maybe overwatch coz i’m trash lmao. someone recommended uncharted but idrk much about it. i have spiderman and horizon, which i really enjoyed, although spiderman is a bit hard for me lmfao. horizon is good as well but i’m stuck on a level atm :’). i like fantasy, magic etc. so yeah, hopefully that helps? i have a mac so not really a good pc haha.


haha of couurrse, although i probably won’t be massively active between now and summer as i’m in having big exams :sweat: mostly just making a couple graphics out of stress and occasionally logging on to the forums as procrastination :joy:


Ah Procrastination, The Bane of our Existence. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stayed awake till 12:00 completing some project cause I’ve been procrastinating the entire day. But still managed to complete the project (Guess that’s why I continue to procrastinate. This was from a meme btw that I saw a few days back) All the Best for your exams and no worries whenever you’re active feel free to send me a message!


salut je me norme Kevin je suis nouveau aussi on aime la même chose a pas le dessin que je suis nul mes j’adore ça
j’aime écris des histoires et des chansons


Hello Kevin! Welcome to the party! (as in this thread) I’m not the one who started this thread (Erin did, she’s around here somewhere don’t worry) I just wanted to welcome a fellow Newbie :slight_smile: So hello! Welcome! Wow you write songs too? That’s really amazing! Do you play any instrument?


Hi new, I’m @Cricketreadsfanfic ;p


helo,i am not totaly now to wattpad but i nee dhelp here


heyy, whats up? maybe i can help?


Hi! I’m Alice.


Hello Alice! Are you new (as I totally and unabashedly am) ? Regardless, how are you?