Hi, I'm new!


Merci je sais jouer juste un petit peu de Clarinettes


Clarinets huh? That’s awesome! I recently (a year back) started to learn to play the guitar. (dunno if I’m good though) What type of music do you like to listen to?


I love music too! I play Piano! :smile:


That’s amazing! I’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano, is it difficult?


Not when you have understood the notes and all that. If you can play guitar, you can play piano too. It’s not the difficult :wink: ^-^


I will eventually get to it someday (soon hopefully) You have any particular favourite artist?


Yea, I can say I’m new. I subscribed a week ago. I’m good, thanks for asking! What about you?
Are you here for reading or writing? I like doing both :blush:


I really do like a lot of different artists, but I like P!nk a lot. Often I find myself playing Adele-songs, bc they are just so beautiful :slight_smile: But I do like Halestorm and others like that too. I’m not a big popfan, but i find myself playing pop a lot. It’s hard to play rock with only a piano, lol :gift_heart:


Glad to know you’re doing well. I’m fine (as fine as I can be) I’m a Writer actually just joined a day back. I do read though (I gotta find people interested in my stuff right? :joy:)


:joy::joy: Yeah true! I’m not much into rock though although mostly people into guitars usually are. I’m more of a slow-vibe kinda person but I don’t mind pop (I mean who can be against pop am I right?) Pink definitely has some good songs (not a devoted fan though) and Adele, well she’s got her own charm too!


rap francophone, chanson d’ amour et des covers d’anime


je suite entrain d’écrit une histoire hier j’ai envoyé une chapitre de mon roman


Woah you’ve a got diverse taste. The only French artist I listen to is Stromae


I’m a totally devoted P!nk fan! I listen to her daily, lol xD


Wow that’s good for you! Any recommendations for a not so dedicated fan?


Sure. Let me find my playlist! finds playlist and scrolls
Walk Me Home is a safe one! It’s her newest song and it’s awesome! But you GOTTA look at the music video too! It’s amazing! Beautifully done with the shadows! :heart:
Slut like you is another must-hear. It’s so great and dirty in just the right amount!
Fingers, not many people know this song or know P!nk has made it, but it’s kind of awesome anyway. An underestimated one!
Stupid Girls I can really relate to. I love how it’s trying to fight society and the look on girls (we are not sluts!).
Literally everything from I’m Not Dead is gooold! Especially the one where she sings to her 13-year-old self.


Wow. You are a dedicated fan. Thanks for taking the time to give me such a detailed list. Highly appreciated will definitely check out all the songs you’ve mentioned.


Lol, I really am. I have been a fan of hers since I was like 6. That’s kind of 19 years now :stuck_out_tongue:


We love a good dedicated fan! Since you were 6 huh? That’s really amazing.


Yeah, it was my moms favorite muscian, so I kind of started there :stuck_out_tongue: