Hi, I'm new!


Ya’ll have a pretty good choice in music then. It’s funny how much our moms influence us isn’t it?


Really is. Especially bc it’s the only music I remember from my childhood: P!nk xD


Of the few songs I’ve heard of P!nk’s (sorry I’ve been saying that wrong the whole time :blush:) some of the songs have really inspiring lyrics.


whispers that’s quite alright friend :heart: But yeah, she is awesome. It’s not just feel-good songs. It’s songs about the hard stuff too :wink:


Exactly! I’ve always appreciated artists that don’t only focus on the cheesy side of life


I really like that too :wink:


Cause reality’s not about just the cheesy right? There’s spice-y, there’s tangy, there’s salty. We need the mix! Cause nothing is ever straightforward


Yeah, and sometimes reality sucks. And that’s ok too! :smiley:


Uh-huh totally! Sometimes I think reality sucks only cause we expect it not to.


That is just soooo true!


So I guess we ruin our own reality by expecting the best and the most of everything


That’s why I am a realist and not an optimist :wink:


Sadly I follow my human nature and become and optimist or a pessimist depending upon how life’s treating me. I should really learn how to stop that though


I don’t know. Some ppl live really good with being optimistic or pessimistic. Deep down I am a pessimist, but it sounds better to call myself a realist, lol :smile:


J’ai effacé mon premier chapitre de mon roman.
Je me suis remarque en lissant qui s’agitais du brouillon de mon original et aussi, il avait plein fautes.
Je vais prendre quelques semaines ou un mois avant d’envoyé mon roman complet, qui sera quelque chose qui vous plaira.
Je suis sûr.
Car je vais mettre, beaucoup de temps dans mon travail


There is nothing wrong with going back to what you really love to write. I write romance, fantasy, and YA. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome, and yea it is definitely all a learning experience. I’m fairly new as well. Joined a month ago. What do you like to write? I write a lot of romance, fantasy, and YA.


Hello! Thanks for the warm welcome. :blush: I don’t have any specific genre. Whenever I think of an interesting concept I write the story in whatever genre the concept makes most sense in. (One month huh? How’s your experience so far?)


It’s been a great, eye opening experience so far. I never once shared my writing outside of my family and friends. Now I am so it’s a step forward on the right direction. :slightly_smiling_face:


Uh-huh. What matters is that you’ve decided to move in this direction. The rest will settle along the way :blush: