Hi New here and looking for some friends. Lets talk?

Hi I’m Aliah and just joined wattpad. Would love to make some friends from different parts of the world. Hit me up! Tell me your name and where do you live

I’m Patsy And I live in Kansas City, Missouri!

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Hey–I’m Hunter and I’m from Sacramento, California.

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Im Abeeha and I live in Manchester, England

Hi. You can call me Eloa.

Hello everyone! I’m Nic from Gloucestershire, UK.

Hi there, I am Mimi from Nepal.

Hi! I’m from Russia

I’m Amnah from Pakistan

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Hi, I’m Elizabeth I live in the US, in the Midwest :slight_smile:

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Hi i am Badria and i live in Minnesota

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Hi, I’m from Greece

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I’m Kimberly and I’m from the South Central US

i’m cody ut
fnished the first part of my book

We live in the same region!

JAG, from the great state of Texas!

hi there :pensive:

hello :slight_smile:

hii I’m malu and i’m from India but i live in Kuwait :blush:

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Hello there :slight_smile: and welcome to wattpad! I’m Noah, from Australia ;D