Hi... new here.


hi there… Wattpad users.
So… as yours all can see up on the tittle, I’m new blood here, well… at least is on the forum (has been post story on Wattpad for a while). So… er… just drop in to say hi. Well… that about it… I’m not a chitchat, talky active person so…
but if you want to ask question, then be my guest.

Oh, a question if yours don’t mind, so… are there some conditions I need to fulfilled before I can share link to my works on the forum? because I just try the SYS sector and… it’s said I can’t share link outside of Wattpad (even though it is the link of my work on Wattpad), not even the picture of my work’s cover.


Hey :wave:
Welcome to this new forum

Yes. If you want to know what you have to do to get the right to post pictures and links just go there:

Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


You should now be able to post your link and picture


thank you


@ChickknightGreenleaf Hey there :slight_smile: A warm welcome from all of us :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask around and you’ll always find someone willing to help you :slight_smile:

@xkaydotx Can you please move this thread to The Cafe, Kay? :slight_smile: It’s more suited for it =]


Hi and welcome :smile:


so… another question… anyone in here like fantasy story with the East Asian theme on? and will that be viable here???


Check out Wuxia - I think there’s a pretty big community for that. It’s not specifically East Asian but just generally Asian.


Hi dear::wave:


i do noticed the wuxia tag (I grew up with them), I even have 1 chapter of Star War fanfic writen in Wuxia genre, just don’t know how popular that genre it, all I saw in this forum is just werewolf and vampire.


While there is a lot of vampire and werewolf books, there’s definitely an audience for Wuxia too. You can always go to #genre-clubs:fantasy and make a thread about it if you wanna connect with other Wuxia writers.


Welcome to the community! :heart: shout if you need any help!

@Nablai it’s okay, here :slight_smile:


Can you please explain how it’s okay, here, Kay? :slight_smile: I want to improve my knowledge and understanding.


The Pub is open to everyone, and it isn’t restricted to just reading or writing chatter. While younger, more random/slangy/shorthand talk fits the cafe better, general questions and observations are also okay here :slight_smile: context is the main key, really :xkaydotx:


Thanks a lot for the explanation, Kay :heart:


tambien soy nueva!! ando un poco perdida pero se hace lo que se puede!!


I’m not new here, but I’m new to publishing my stories. I’m danish and my story is in danish, so I’m kind of having a hard time getting reads, struggle.


Hola :slight_smile:

Soy un usuario aleatorio. Según las directrices comunitarias-
No puedes publicar tus propios enlaces de historias fuera del club Comparte tu historia.

Puedes publicar tu historia en el hilo Compartir tu historia -


Hey there :slight_smile:

I suggest that you have a look at this-

Hope this helps =]






El hilo “Share Your Story”( SYS) es el lugar para anunciar su libro. No se permite ningún Advertisments fuera de SYS. Puedes publicar tu anuncio en cualquier idioma en ese hilo. Tu comentario será editado.