Hi wattpad! I am new here: any advice?

I just started writing here a couple of days ago and I’m kind of lost. I would like feedback on my stories but it’s hard when 1) the thing I’m writing about is dead and 2) my story probably won’t get looked at since there are so many others. Help?


lol should I be concerned

Are you still here? RUN!!!

I have a post about writing tips !! Hope it helps!

Thank you!

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hi guys I only have one follower any advice for me?

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Start a reading or cover shop if you can or join a group where people follow each other. My advise is to wait…I just got 3 followers today and 2 of them are totally random!?

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oof I wish I could help you but I don’t have any followers

im sorry

lets follow each other @jjjexxk @Abbylovesyoi
Provide your profile links please :heart:

yeah, here’s mine https://www.wattpad.com/user/jjjexxk

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i need your wattpad profile link!

how do I do that

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Do what?

give you the link?

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I already follow you. You sent the link already?