Welcome to my humble thread!

I am currently offering book covers as
well as something totally new to me:
Charater Aesthetics!
Please read my rules, and thanks for
stopping by!

1. No thread hopping
2. Complete payment after acceptance and before delivery
3. Pickup within 2 days or it becomes a premade and is taken down (goes for both cover and aesthetics)
4. Please be patient as I do have a life outside of Wattpad
Password: Favourite food

COVER: A PERMAMENT follow and CREDIT in your description or author’s note.

Examples and Premades (Cover Examples Only)



  • Be patient; the amount of time it takes to make a cover depends on the graphics required and my inspiration towards it, or lack thereof (this goes for aesthetics too)

  • I can deny your request if:

  • 1. I’m not feeling inspired by it
    2. I know I won’t do your cover/aesthetic justice

    SUBTITLE: (optional)
    AUTHOR: (username or real name)
    DESCRIPTION: (keep it short please)
    MOOD: (colour schemes, vague ideas, atmosphere, etc.)
    IDEAS: (any ideas you have of something you would like on the cover)
    ANYTHING ELSE: ( [optional] anything else I should know about)


    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: (hair colour, eye colour, etc.)
    COLOUR THEME / MOOD:(dark, light, pink hues, dark blues, etc.)
    LIKES/DISLIKES OF CHARACTER: (favourite things, things they hate, their feelings)
    DESIGN: (3x3 , 4x4 , background colour, etc.)

    I have no limits as to how many covers or aesthetics you may request… so ask away!

    Thank you for stopping by and/or requesting!








    I love your covers but how can I put up a book w/out a cover?


    Aw, thank you!
    But I’m not sure I know what you mean, unless you mean by my last rule. I have meant to clean that up. I should probably either reword it or delete it… thanks for bringing this to my attention! xd

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    You said that the story has to at least have one chapter published. Would it count if the book is in a series and the first book would be completed soon?
    If not then that is fine.


    Ah yes, I just finished fixing that. I’m completely taking down that rule so even if your book is not published, I can still make a cover for it!

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    TITLE: Eluding the Hidden
    SUBTITLE: None
    AUTHOR: Layla. K. Gracia
    This is the description of the first book but goes perfectly with the second one as well. If this is unacceptable, I completely understand.
    Juniper is a sixteen-year-old girl who lives just outside of Casper Wyoming. She’s been moving from home to home constantly in the foster system as long as she can remember.
    And just like most other teens in the system, she’s just waiting for the right moment for her to run.
    But just when she found her window to do so, her plans had to be put on hold for another adjustment. She was stripped out of the home she had been staying in and was put into with another family in a whole other state. Washington.
    She planned on sticking to her original plans of escape. But now something is stopping her and she doesn’t know what.
    Little does she know how this change, will make all her plans take a turn for the worse.

    I was hoping to have something that would go well with this cover


    The color schemes don’t have to stay the same, but I would like something that would go well with it for a second book
    IDEAS: I would like there to at least be a wolf on it. It could even be two or three, I would just like to keep having wolves on my covers.
    ANYTHING ELSE: I would like the font to not be so…blocky? If that’s at all possible.

    Thank you so much for considering!

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    Accepted! I’ll try and get your cover finished as soon as possible! Thank your for requesting!

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    Thanks so much

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    TITLE: Stalked
    SUBTITLE: Will they ever feel safe again?
    AUTHOR: Margaret M
    DESCRIPTION: A psychiatrist and his family are the target of a deranged stalker who does things such as puts a dead body in his trunk, kills their barn cats, sends threatening messages etc
    MOOD: dark
    IDEAS: Maybe someone watching a house (sillouette?) at night - they live in a farmhouse
    ANYTHING ELSE: ( [optional] anything else I should know about)

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    Semi-Accepted. Let me give it a try; however, I cannot agree to anything concrete. I’ll let you know as soon as I can! (Probably sometime today or tomorrow) Thank you for requesting!

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    What goes bump in the night.


    More examples and premades just posted above. :slight_smile: As for my lovely 2 requesters right now, your covers will be done shortly, and I’ll notify you sometime tomorrow. Thank you, again, for requesting!

    Help, I’m bored ;-;

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    @wildwolf708 Here’s your covers! I made two since I liked both but didn’t know which one you’d prefer, if any at all. Let me know if you are/aren’t going to use one or if you’d like any changes to it! Please complete payment then I’ll give you the link to your cover. Thanks for requesting!

    cover preview


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    @MargaretInCanada Here is your cover! Now, for the second one, I made a slight alteration with the text. Please tell me if you like either! Complete the payment and I’ll give you your link to your cover! Thanks for requesting!

    cover preview


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    Sorry to both of you that your covers look blurry; however, they are not. For some reason, after I post the picture, they resize and enlarge. I have no idea why.

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