High complete reads but no votes or comments?

So I have a completed novel called Situations. It occasionally gets added to reading lists, and when it got close to 1 K reads it started getting reads on its own. To my surprise, according to Wattpad, every chapter has over 50% read completion (and they’re long chapters … there’s 14 of them, too). Yet NOBODY ever comments or votes on it!

I’m confused as to how that’s possible. The book has around 3 K reads now, and yet nothing’s changed. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else on Wattpad and if anyone has an explanation as to why this might be happening.

Is the algorithm misled about the amounts of completed reads? Or are people not voting or commenting maybe because the subject of the book is a bit controversial?

Most people just read without voting or commenting. It’s a pity, but that’s just the way it is. It has nothing to do with your book, because judging by the great amount of completed reads, there are a lot of people that are interested in it. Don’t worry too much about it, the votes and comments will come, just a little more slowly than the reads. :blush:


This would have been my answer too.


Thank you! It’s just a bit disheartening. I was wondering if maybe the reads were actually fake or something.

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I agree with the others :slight_smile: Its not a reflection of your work. Some people are just ghost readers and don’t interact. I have the same.


Thanks! It just makes you wonder whether it’s real or not, when you see others with high read counts but much higher vote and comment counts :confused:

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Silent readers make up the majority of users on Wattpad and most of them use the app - some people don’t know that the vote button exists because it’s not a very obvious icon.

If you’re looking for people who vote/comment you’re more likely to get that sort of feedback from other people who write (i.e. forum users). If you want comments specifically, I’d check out Story Services.



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No problem :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of factors around whether your book will get votes or comments! Genre and target audience is a big part of that - for example, my adult book has much lower engagement rates than my YA and NA books, even though they’re all similar in genre. I’ve also heard SFF (and probably other genres) generally has lower commenting rates, while YA and romance have higher. In my experience, my vote rate started out at about 10-20% of reads and dropped off as the read count went up, but I know this isn’t the case for everyone.

Depending how controversial, I wouldn’t be surprised if this plays into it, yes.

There are a few things I find help with engagement!

  • Thank people for adding your book to their list! Sometimes this seems to help them feel more comfortable engaging.
  • Leave author’s notes with specific questions for readers after an impactful scene
  • Be friendly and welcoming to anyone who does engage - respond to comments, thank people for voting. This can help drive more engagement.
  • One thing I’ve done once was leave an author’s note at the end with a bunch of questions about the book and what people liked/didn’t like. That got a lot of engagement, even from previously silent readers, and has provided some valuable insight into how readers saw the book!

At the end of the day, though, lots of readers are shy/too into the story to comment or vote/don’t care about commenting and voting. Congrats on the 3k reads, and I hope you start to get more of the engagement you’re looking for!


Thanks a lot for your suggestions! Yeah I always thank people adding it to their reading lists, but since this is the first thing I posted on Wattpad, I didn’t leave notes encouraging people to comment or asking them questions at the end of each chapter. I should also probably also add an author’s note at the end, the way you suggested. Either way, thanks again!


I’ll admit author’s notes are a controversial topic lmao. Personally I use them sparingly but some people use them a ton and have great success with them. In my opinion, if you want engagement then the goal should be to make yourself seem approachable and open to feedback, however you choose to do that!

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They are definitely controversial but given Wattpad’s serialised publishing nature, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having them - I just think it’s ideal to keep them short.


After reading CC’s reply I remembered that there was a thread in IYW on getting feedback (comments). You’ll probably find more suggestions on how to go about it there: What are good ways to get feedback?


No, they’re not fake at all! I know it’s discouraging, but there are a lot of people who don’t know about the votes or who just don’t care. The same goes for the comments: not everyone knows what to say, so they just read and enjoy the story.

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Really? 'Cause I left some on a new story and that one has a lot more feedback, so to me it feels like it works!

Ofc that’s not counting the people with one entire chapter devoted to notes lol

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Thank you! Well at least I know people like it.

The high reads and low votes make it seem like the story’s bad though TT_TT

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Yeah it does work! The controversial part is whether or not you should have them at the end of chapters, because it breaks up the flow of the story when someone is binging.

I always thought having them at the end was better, 'cause people already read and can just skip them. At the beginning defo takes you out of the story. Well, for me anyway.

Weirdly enough, the new story has less completed reads, but WAY more engagement. It’s odd.

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Ah, no, the debate isn’t generally start of chapter vs end of chapter, it’s whether to have them at the chapter level at all. As opposed to not having them, or separating them out into their own chapter at the beginning and/or end of the book (which is what Wattpad recommends).

That’s great! Do you think it’s just the author’s notes, or is there another factor?

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