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“If you’ve decided reading this journal was a good idea, you’re either incredibly brave or you must be riding the short bus right now.”
- - -
Greetings! You are holding my journal, dear reader. Be warned: I really couldn’t give a shit, but some dumbass celestial being told me to put a warning in this forward to make the reader aware of the fact that the stories in this journal are “crude” and “screwed up.” Ha! I really don’t care! This is my story, so I do what I want! Anyway, prepare yourself for the mindfuckery that is my journal. The name’s Helix, Helix Maestro Blackwyrm. I’m not your average, everyday peasant-err, person. I’m anything but average-I’m special, in every single way, and I have special friends that make my life both interesting and really difficult at the same. (Cause isn’t that what friends are for?)

Together, we go through a series of strange, hilarious, and downright outrageous events. Whether we’re dealing with a group of irritating bandits, trying to appease an angry dragoness before I become her next meal, or punching in the face of a very irritating demon lord, This book is not your usual story of knights and dragons- it’s soo much more than that, my dear reader.

Prep yourself for the madness that is…


Yours truly,




“You doubt my powers?”
“Nope, you’re just too stupid to realize that I’m gonna kick your ass.”
- - -
So, you’ve come back for round two?

Good to know.

Congratulations! You, yes you! My dear reader, you are holding my second journal of hilarity and pure strangeness.

Whelp, you know celestial beings: they want power, and they want it now. Just when I thought I was free to get used to the peculiar world I had been introduced to in the previous journal while cleaning up the remainder of demons in my home country of Alysia, a new bad guy shows up and boy, he isn’t messing around either.

To continue the trend of going to strange places and doing even stranger things, my team and I do everything from helping out a dragon priest knock out his asshole of a boss, to dealing with a diplomatic crisis the only way we know best, to even traveling to the home country of my pointy-eared friends. (A.K.A the elves.)

You knew it was going to happen, so prepare yourself for the continuation of…


Yours truly,



Oliver Hope is the basic mediocre teen, except he graduated high school early. Wasting his time lounging around and wasting his potential his mother opted to find him a job asap. The job? A janitor at an unknown high school. Making friends can be hard for a introverted teen, but these girls pack a bite! That’s right the school is a school meant for monsters learning to co-exist with humans. Oliver finds himself in plenty of trouble with his new friends. The plot twist in the school a human cannot enter the monster world if caught they are killed on the spot! Oliver finds himself in a tight bind especially dealing with different girls and personalities!
[Updating at least once a week]


Hey everyone! I’m new here, and have just started writing my first story - it’s just the opener at the moment, but I’m currently working on the rest of the story. I’d love to have some feedback.


Roses fall, but the thorns remain.
It was finally time for Grace to be crowned queen, the queen of a prosperous, and yet conflicting kingdom, when an unwelcome guest arrives.
With two worlds in jeopardy, Grace must spread her angelic wings, and restore peace to worlds which were never meant to meet.

It would mean the world if you gave this small section a read, and expect more to come!

EDIT: Part 2 is out now!



The heroes legend was a story that was long forgotten, it held the very truth of how our world, along with the realms of many others came to be, and the sacrifice it took to create them.
The legend was lost among the memories of man until a village girl named Mayu awakened the secret hidden within her home, the secrets of the legend are unlocked and her life is thrown into a new world. A great curse is awoken and all of the Six Realms of Utopia are threatened.
What will she do? Who will she become?

#1 IN FANTASY ACTION - 2018/09/28 - 2018/09/30

-Thank you all for reading my book I hope all of you love it. The journey is just beginning.


A Darkening Honor

A daughter’s search for her father. A brother’s quest for revenge. A soldier’s faltering loyalty.

Lydian is the daughter of the Dreambender, a man with the ability to alter reality and pull things from his dreams, who has gone missing from their island home.

Alexei was never meant to be the crown prince. As the third son of a war-embittered king, he was raised and trained to lead the race of men in the Eternal War, and defend his land from the demons and their Darkened who would seek to take it from them.

Callum is a soldier in the king’s army who dreams of a world without war. Meeting a strange island girl leads him to believe his dreams might be possible, but his secrets have the power to change the course of the war- and the world.



One millennium ago they came and almost wiped humanity out of existence.

Now they’ve returned stronger than ever to finish what they started all those years ago.

The extermination of mankind.

Kariah-Belle Nadirè dreams of becoming a knight and following in her parents’ footsteps. However before she can walk a path behind her mother and father, she must put their souls to rest by slaying the man who slaughtered her entire family branch.

After an unfortunate turn of events, Kariah-Belle finally becomes a Knight and is apprenticed under Holy Knight: Star Titania. Her new squad mates, Aya and Kaden have already started making a name for themselves. Upon meeting Kaden, Kariah-Belle suspects she isn’t the lone survivor everyone thought and as the two get closer, things once hidden in the dark are brought to light.

Her chaotic world becomes even more so when a powerful alien race returns to eradicate all life on the planet.

In a world full dangerous wildlife, factions, and a race that sees humans as livestock, Kariah-Belle will need her friends, both old and new to survive. Will it be enough? Or will the life of a knight prove too much?

Book one of the Knights of Lore series




Title: 3 WISHES & 17 DAYS

Genre: Epic Fantasy, Thriller, Romance, Action


In a post-apocalyptic era where the world had been destroyed nearly a thousand years prior to nuclear war, Kingdoms were created in the land of As-Sau’diyyah. Beyond that was the Radiation Zone that killed any living thing to come near.

Zahir Mohammad-- A dashing young thief from the slums and quite poor. Along with his younger adopted brother, both try to survive the harsh reality of poverty.

Lailah Abdullahi-- The gorgeous Princess living in the Palace, trying to overcome and battle her depression since her mother’s suicide.

After getting kidnapped and forced to retrieve the Lost Treasure, the Lamp of the Genie, Zahir comes across Lailah and tries to develop a relationship with her. It was all not too easy as the evil began to lurk within the Palace walls.


• “My rules are simple,” the genie blew a puff of black smoke before dropping his cigarette. "You only get 3 wishes. I will not bring anyone back from the dead, neither will I kill anyone, and making anyone fall in love is out of the question.

“But I can bend the rules a little for a small price. All you have to do is make the princess fall in love with you within 17 days or else.” •


Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/78074103-3-w-i-s-h-e-s-17-d-a-y-s



Links : https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/178583229-trance-hero

Genre : Action, War, Lovestory, Fantasy, Summoner, National

Trance Hero adalah sebuah komik fantasy yang menceritakan mengenai kisah perjuangan seorang pemuda yang tidak memiliki kekuatan untuk menyatukan kelima bangsa yang terus menerus berperang demi kekuasaan dan kemenangan. Kebaikan hatinya membuat orang-orang disekitarnya memiliki keinginan untuk membantunya dan membuat dia terpilih menjadi salah satu ksatria yang ditugaskan untuk mendamaikan kelima bangsa


Soy usuario nuevo y no puedo poner ni enlaces ni fotos:(( espero me lean:).


GENEROS: Fantasía Alta, Aventura, Amor, Sobrenatural, Drama y Misterio.

RESUMEN: La historia de Theobald, (la cual esta inconclusa) trata sobre lo que todos conocemos, la historia que Rodea a Camelot, al rey Arturo y su hechicero Merlín. Hemos escuchado cientos de historias protagonizadas por este par, sobre la grandeza de sus hazañas, rodeadas de aventuras, peligros y magia, pero… ¿Que hay de los Caballeros de Camelot? Esos mismo que daban la vida no solo por el reino, si no por Arturo Pendragon.

Este relato contara la historia THEOBALD, el caballero más fiel a Camelot y leal a Arturo. Contará su camino, desde como se convirtió en un Caballero de Camelot por su convicción y perseverancia, sus amoríos con Morgana, la contradictoria a la oposición de la magia en Camelot, la traición con la reina de ginebra y hasta permanecer junto a Arturo en la hora más oscura de Camelot…


Genre: Supernatural, paranormal,magic,fantasy
Blurb: Asher’s life in the heart of Victorian London is uneventful, especially for a boy with a fascination for all things magical and paranormal, and the call of Heart Wood, the fortified neighboring estate, and the mysterious Count who resides within it is too strong. He makes the acquaintance of the Count who takes an interest in him and teaches Asher the craft which he is so drawn to. However, the more Asher learns, the more he realizes than not everything in magic is as black and white as it seems.


Idioma: Español
Título: Eriandor, viviendo en un juego (Provisional?)

Argumento: ¿Cuántos años han pasado ya? Probablemente… Demasiados…

Los más ancianos de los dioses ya habían perdido sus memorias de cómo empezó todo. Incluso era difícil recordar quién fue el primero de ellos en volverse un Dios. Aquello hacía que a menudo discutieran sobre quien era el “Dios de dioses”, sobre quien debía gobernar los cielos, y a medida que nuevos dioses iban apareciendo, aquello era cada vez una tarea más y más difícil…

Así, un recién ascendido tuvo una idea. Una competición de ingenio, una apuesta. Cada Dios elegiría un héroe que los representaría, un héroe que sería su Paladín en el mundo mortal. Y el que hubiera elegido al héroe que lograra volverse un Dios antes que los demás, sería el “Dios de dioses”. Al menos, hasta que un nuevo Héroe se volviera un Dios.

La idea funcionó bien, y rápidamente fue aceptada por todos los dioses. Aquello fue hace muchos milenios, pero ya era una norma inquebrantable en el cielo.

Sin embargo, los dioses que ascendían ahora ya habían conocido a un Dios que había velado por ellos desde ahí arriba, quien además se volvía el “Dios de dioses” a su llegada. Aquello poco a poco fue fraccionando a los dioses en diferentes grupos. Después de decenas de miles de años, sólo había dos facciones en el cielo: Los dioses de la Luz y los dioses Oscuros.

Aquella extraña competición había derivado en una especie de política de partidos. Ya no eran solo los dioses ganadores quienes se beneficiaban del ascenso de un héroe, sino todos sus compañeros de la facción que ocuparan. De este modo, cuando uno de los dioses perdía a su paladín, aún podía aspirar a estar en el bando ganador siempre que el héroe ascendido fuera de su facción.

El número de dioses actualmente es muy elevado, son más de un millar, y las facciones están realmente igualadas. La razón de esto, es que el último Dios que ascendió no fue escogido por ninguno de los dioses. Era la primera vez en la historia desde la creación de aquellos juegos en que un héroe se convertía en Dios sin el apoyo de ninguno de los dioses.

Lógicamente, el nuevo Dios rechazó ser de ninguna de las facciones que no habían optado por él, y el paladín que eligió para la próxima competición fue alguien por quien nadie más habría apostado nunca. Para sorpresa de todos, aquel paladín desafió toda lógica, ascendió a los cielos y se volvió un Dios, convirtiendo así a aquel Dios marginado en el “Dios de dioses”.

Ahora, el cielo se encuentra dividido y en un estado de desconcierto. El “Dios de dioses” eligió nuevamente a un sujeto curioso, y todos están preocupados, temerosos de que los paladines que él elija sigan ascendiendo una y otra vez. Si mantiene el trono como “Dios de dioses”, o si su facción renegada sigue creciendo, el equilibrio del cielo podría romperse.

Han pasado ya diez años desde la última competición, y pronto comenzará de nuevo. Los dioses de la Luz y los dioses Oscuros necesitan un paladín capaz de superar al héroe del “Dios de dioses”, capaces de evitar que esta nueva facción de los dioses Renegados acumule más poder. Y harán lo que sea para lograrlo…

La historia se centrará en tres de los elegidos. Uno de los elegidos de cada facción. ¿Quién se alzará a los cielos? Bueno, eso solo lo sabe el destino… (Literalmente, el autor no tiene ni idea de nada aún :v)

Link: No me deja poner Link :v


Te entiendo bien con lo del link, que rabia da jajajaja

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