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title(if based on novel): Claimed By Shadows
author(if needed): Paige Gladden
Any text: N/A
images/inspo: don’t have images BUT theme of the book is Shadows / Magic. Main character is a girl with black hair and she [sometimes] has pure black eyes [think demon like?] [when her eyes are ‘normal’ they are a very icy blue color.]. Doesn’t have to include her, but can. KristinJamesx actually made my cover for the book and it’s amazing, just wanting a banner now :slight_smile: Can be simple with maybe a night scene / castle with shadowy effects if that looks better. As long as the theme is darker and the words are able to be read, I’ll be happy!
summary(do you want it based off a tv show/movie? A character? Etc): Based off my book.
Is payment completed: will complete as soon as I get done posting here
extra: my only request is no well known actresses to be used if you put the girl on the banner. It bothers me :smiley:
Gif or no gif: I honestly am not 100% sure what this means, but you are the artist, I’m pretty easy to please, so whatever looks best.
password: The Star


Just poppin’ in to say this is the model I used on the cover if you wanted to stick with the same model :slight_smile:


Ugh she is so pretty. :heart_eyes:

Yes, I for sure wouldn’t mind that at all!


Haha yeah she is, I already bought the photo of her that I used like maaaaybe a month back? I was like oooo she’s the one


I gave you such a brief description of her for my order and I was thinking “Oh no, I should have gave her more details…” then I saw it and was blown away haha the more I look at it the poor I love it. She is perfect for the character I had imagined.


Haha, I’m glad you think so :smiley:


@darklinglimmer accepted!
@PaigeGladden accepted :slight_smile: also a gif is like graphic that moves lol so like this example here

Also @KristinJamesx can you post the cover you made for paige’s novel? I wanna check out your color schemes n stuffs :stuck_out_tongue:


One percent battery aaaa it’s the second cover here image


Thanks babes!


I used my last battery percent for you :,) no worries!


what is the name of the font you used on that cover?? It’s gorgeous!!


Uhhh Annabel GRUNGE, I bought it in the pack but it has a slight mask over the edges :3


This one! :slight_smile:


TITLE: Hellhound
AUTHOR: Johnson
SUBTITLE: She’s going to burn them all
SUMMARY: Ella is a hellhound intent on claiming all of the souls meant for hell, before time runs out
EXTRA: I want Madelaine Petsch to be facing forwards, her eyes blowing a firey yellow, with dancing flames and fire behind her, ready to consume everything. The background in this picture is yellow, but if it would be possible to cut it out and maybe put it on a black background so it’s not so… cheery? :joy:https://i.pinimg.com/564x/5e/32/f6/5e32f603a682eb7c32f67e3db6aed020.jpg

PASSWORD: The moon
PREFERRED DESIGNER: I love this cover which @KristinJamesx created (including the font wow, that’s to die for) but I know she doesn’t use copyrighted pictures and I know for a fact that picture isn’t copyright free so if not @thecrow :slight_smile:


ohhhh OK, that is what I was thinking it was but didn’t know for sure.
If you can do like the shadows moving or maybe light flames flickering then go for it [either or, preferably not both]! Otherwise I can probably live without a GIF :slight_smile: thanks!


If you tagged me as your preferred designer, I can find a similar image. But you’re very much correct about the images thing :frowning:


Accepted love!


Eeep im gonna shut my queue down to play catch up. Kristin and Scmimi are still open tho!


IMAGES/INSPO: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/63/77/28/637728903934ead177b94b9a253ce36d.jpg this is a moodboard I made for the character, and I’m looking for icons that have Matthew Daddario with the red and gold theme. I want this picture done (https://i.pinimg.com/564x/b8/2e/35/b82e35631fb619ac2cd6b554fcf15791.jpg) but any other pictures you guys can find would be awesomeee
ANY TEXT: nopeee
EXTRA: Just looking to make these pictures the same " color vibe" and aesthetic like this https://i.pinimg.com/564x/b4/0b/cb/b40bcb91b526a1d5caec03416dc48868.jpg but I want the colors to be very much gryfindor inspired, so red and gold!


title:The Lost Princess
author: Rose
subtitle: She’s headed straight for the crown
images/inspo: (https://i.pinimg.com/564x/d0/b8/b1/d0b8b1ceba64cc71abec11b5cef654df.jpg) (https://i.pinimg.com/564x/9d/84/e4/9d84e4c5cc9e76ebc1255e4f257d1f1a.jpg) (https://i.pinimg.com/564x/8a/1c/75/8a1c753e7714bc114908395b5bdb5b36.jpg) (https://i.pinimg.com/564x/a4/5d/57/a45d577a4ccbbb35640e28d3f8726c60.jpg)
summary: Lila finds out she’s the lost princess to the Russian dynasty… with her family murdered and her identity a secret, she’s on a mission to murderer every last person that stands in her way to the throne.
Is payment completed: Yes
extra: The faceclaim is a celebrity, so would there be a possibility to get a girl thats facing away so you can just see the back? I want a girl with long straight black hair, silver and white aesthetic
password: the sun
Preferred Designer: @KristinJamesx !!