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Quick question:

Does the book have to be published in order to request a cover? I’m the kind of writer that prefers to get a cover before really beginning to write. Is it okay to request a cover before uploading the book? Is it okay to request if I’m close to uploading it, or can upload it with the intro/disclaimer chapter so the cover is at least on show on my account?


Yes thats fine! As long as the cover actually ends up being utilized its no problem. The issue with most things is that people request stuff for things they never upload and then we can’t turn stuff to premades. But if you upload once you receive it, its okay!


I probably won’t upload when I receive it, but I will a few days after. Is that okay?


Yes thats fine :slight_smile:


Sweet! I’ll go ahead and request. Is there a proper form or is it just copy and paste the one above?


Copy and paste the above form please! :slight_smile:


Accepted, this is hella interesting as I am Russian, so I think I’ll be reading it, LOL.


TITLE: What We Leave Behind

AUTHOR: Laura Edwards

SUBTITLE: When war calls, heroes answer

IMAGES/INSPO: This is a war/action/sci-fiish-kinda-more-ww2-historical-fictionish story. I’m looking to get pics 1 in the centre at the top with 2-5 on either side of pic 1 like this: https://allaboutwarmovies.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/savingprivateryan1.jpg but not so heavily faded into a darkish background with the title, subtitle and author name separating pic 6 on the bottom. If you could make all the images where they meet blended as well as possible, that would really butter my eggroll :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PICS (lemme know if you have any issues with these images and I’ll find other ones to use)

  1. https://i.imgur.com/NevH20J.jpg
  2. https://i.imgur.com/WnyxyLC.jpg
  3. https://i.pinimg.com/564x/e4/5b/f6/e45bf6088aee6af6b45579ae2e6375c7.jpg
  4. https://i.pinimg.com/564x/2d/34/e3/2d34e3f1475b1e8f8c5850eaccd0df3f.jpg
  5. https://images.immediate.co.uk/volatile/sites/3/2017/09/tv-100-michelle-keegan.jpg?quality=90&resize=620,413
  6. https://i.imgur.com/O4sl1TG.jpg

SUMMARY: It’s 2055. An allied terrorist attack on the United Nations in Geneva during an international peace summit has brought the world to its knees. Governments have descended into chaos. Infrastructure has crumbled to dust. Militaries scramble to defend what little they have left.

With World War Three breaking out comes the rise of H.E.L.I.O.S., a private military corporation gaining control of the broken American armed forces. Tasked with strengthening it and winning the war for the New Allies, head of H.E.L.I.O.S. Jack Killian intends to make his army the strongest, most formidable force in the world.

PFC Spencer Reynolds is a tenth generation infantryman in the skeletal 1st Division after suffering major losses in the invasion of Scotland. When H.E.L.I.O.S. arrives to bolster the ranks of his platoon, Reynolds is less than thrilled to be working alongside them, especially his estranged ex-best friend Dash Davis.

As war tears the world apart, two former brothers in arms must overcome their past difficulties and return peace to a front in need of uniting. They must leave what hatred they have for each other behind.

IS PAYMENT COMPLETED: The first half of the permanent follow is completed. The second half of the dedications will be completed upon delivery of the cover.

EXTRA: n/a

PASSWORD: The Chariot



Hiya! I’m a pain in the ass and come with an additional ‘rule’: I only use images/fonts that I have purchased/have a licence for. I cannot use those images as I do not own them. Do you have any other image ideas, or do you specifically want those images used?


Nah, I want those ones. If it’s a no go, that’s okay, I’d understand.


@scmimi might be able to help with that, she has some wonderful work and I don’t think they share the same copyright stance as I do! :smiley:


I’ll casually wait, then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All of my queue should be finished by tomorrow night for those of you waiting! I got stuck in another city 45mins away from my house for tonight so I don’t have access to my laptop rn!


I have a rather odd request… my story involves the use or tarot cards as a major theme of the story, and I absolutely LOVED the one you created for this thread. Would you consider maybe making me a few for my story?


TITLE: Overworked
AUTHOR: Holly Saywell
IMAGES/INSPO: (I can’t post links as I haven’t been in the community section for long)
dark background/grey, with a man smirking, anything phone related/office, two sisters/friends back to back, male in suit doing ‘shh’ thing/woman doing shh, open to ideas!
Two sisters, both living alone. One works from home, the other at a popular publishing company, Elinsai. After Raegin sets up her sister on a dating site in secret, Maeve try it to prove her wrong but ends up having a pleasant conversation, and date, with a teacher named Tai. She thinks he’s the man of her dreams that she never imagined wanting, but some things are too good to be true.

Raegin’s boss, the CEO of Elinsai, is Azazel Bellzini, a man who uses women for their bodies and is innopropriate in the working world to his female colleagues. But what else is he hiding? Will Maeve be tricked into a catfish, and will Azazel get what he deserves?
IS PAYMENT COMPLETED: Yep :slight_smile: all three followed
–If possible, I’d also two versions: one for wattpad to replace my current cover which I no longer like, and another which I am printing out to go as an outside cover as I’ll be printing out the story as a booklet and putting this cover and back page/blurb on the back to make it look better - Christmas present for my mum. If only one version can be done, that’s fine. I’m happy to do something in return to make it fairer than just a follow if you desire :slight_smile:
–I also need it a5 sized (+one inch extra on all sides) and DPI 300 (or as close as possible)
Please feel free to ask any questions you need :slight_smile:
PASSWORD: The Lovers
PREFERRED DESIGNER: Don’t have one currently :slight_smile:


Odd question, why do you need it A5 sized? :slight_smile:


fair question, so I didn’t go into huge detail but I’ll be printing it out as a gift to my mum, as being diy published as it’s currently in dissertation form as I don’t like the appearance and want to physically hold my work. So yes, basically diy publishing it myself so need a cover to make it look awesome :smiley: @KristinJamesx


You might want to use an actual PoD service to print it. Using your home printer won’t look too good, and use a lot of ink. But a5 isn’t a standard size for printing as far as I’m aware. I do the majority of my clients paperback covers in 6x9, and all of mine are the same :slight_smile: Just my input. @scmimi has a clear list, I think they can help you!


You just want the cards themselves? Or a blend of cards? I’m a bit confused :o


If @scmimi doesn’t pick up your request I will if you don’t mind waiting till my queue is finished.