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Either would be okay! There are just key tarot cards that are brought up through my book and I was hoping to have them done!


I totally understand it would be higher quality, but I’d love to try and make it myself to have a go as I’ve been doing crafts all my life and it’s really interesting :slight_smile: I’m also using my friend’s printer which is one of the pro ones for graphics design or something similar :slight_smile:


Ahhh okay cool! I’m not sure who’s doing the cover, but make sure the DPI is around 300. :smiley:


Awesome thank you so much!! I’ll add that as an extra just so I don’t forget and then all the information is in the request post :slight_smile:


Send me a list of the cards you want done and I’ll see what I can do for ya


oh thank you! any payment, just let me know, I know this is a rather odd request.
Death (male vibe)
Devil (female vibe)
Sun (male vibe)
Justice (female vibe)
Also color scheme wise I love a black background with silver details (https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1266/7131/products/Unholywood-Apparel-Co-tarot-Deck-2.jpg?v=1537801201) but anything you think looks good and has a darker theme to it works for me :slight_smile:


Is it for the same novel above? Did ya want the themes to kind of correspond?


Is it kind of! It showcases the 4 different main character for my novel. The Hellhound acts as “Justice” and the other three are different characters. So sorta different book but all four are from the same series


I can take up your request. But, just wondering what is pic 3 and 4 for? You didn’t seem to explain in the form.


@Vexful & @PaigeGladden you guys wanted your banners the normal 700x150 size I make them right? Or did you have different dimensions in mind? So I can make them to the appropriate scale


I can do your Wattpad cover, but I don’t do paperback.

Just a question: do you want me to dump all those requested figures into the cover, or choose 1?


Heyyy! I’m reaaaally struggling to find stock for this, so it’s taking way longer than it should sorry!


yes, that sounds perfectly fine! :slight_smile:


that’s okk. Which websites do you usually go to for free stock? I don’t mind helping you look!


I use Adobe, Getty Images, Dreamstime, and Depositphotos for stock, but I’ve ran out of credits on Dreamstime and Adobe! Haha, they refresh in literally 3 days

(Also if you meant ‘free’ as in just free photos, not royalty-free, I don’t use those sites as a lot of the images are stolen and virtually none of them guarantee a model release, so it’s illegal to use them, aha)


you’re right… this is tough.

This is the only picture I’ve been able to find, but I don’t even know if it can be used? Would you be able to darken the hair and make it coal black if it can be used?


Yes I can use it, and yes I can darken it haha, are you 1100% sure before I purchase it? :slight_smile:


oh boy! Yes, this is the one I want! As long as the hair can be darkened and maybe a white/silver dress can be put on, I LOVE stance and how it looks!


I can’t add a dress to the image :frowning: But I was just going through my stock folder, and I do own this???


thats literally perfect :joy: as long as you can darken the hair it’s literalllly perfect