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awhh I do love this! I especially love the way taylor looks, she turned out amazing~! The only correction I ask when you have a chance, is if you could switch the blonde guy on the left and the guy with dark hair on the far right? He’s the love interest but besides that I think you did an amaaaazing job!


Yeah thats no problem. I’m actually gonna adjust the brightness/contrast for a few of rhem too to make it blend better. my laptop coloring is a bit off so looking at it on mobile now i can see it needs adjusted a bit


Ill post the rest of my queue tomorrow and post the updated and other version tomorrow as well. Im gonna get some sleep now meeeeep



This took me so many layers :sweat_smile:. It was also very interesting to make. I hope I did all the details correctly and I hope you like it!

(If you want me to remove the shattered glass or the stain I can do that. :slight_smile:)

Thank you for requesting. :two_hearts:


Yay!!! Thanks @scmimi! I started out with a haunted house (don’t judge, I suck at covers):

and I REALLY loved Netflix’s Haunting of Hill House imagery:

But I also love the text based covers with a kick-ass font that’s easy to read in small scale. Honestly I think you have great artistic skill, go with what looks good to you.

Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I’m so excited to see what you do!

ETA: payment DONE! :smiley:


that’d be amazing!
The sizes like cm thing is for the non wattpad version don’t panic :slight_smile:
Are you able to make a blurb page also? If so I may be able to have some help from my graphic design friend to change the image to fit to make it to the printed version as well? :slight_smile:


For those of you waiting; I’m currently spending the day at the hospital. I woke up really sick so I won’t be able to touch my requests tonight. Hopefully I feel a bit better tomorrow and can work on them then. Sorry!


No rush! Feel better! Health comes first! <3


take your time cutie, absolutely no rush! Hope you feel better :black_heart:


It won’t let me click on the cover. It leads me to Imgur’s version of Error 404.


Really? Okay then I’ll just post the actual image here. You can drag to new tap to save. I hope you like it. :slight_smile:


That’s better!

I like it, but the shattered glass is a little much. Would you be able to ease that up?


I will try to do that. I’ll post the re-do asap. :smile:


I don’t specialise in blurb page making sorry. But, I can definitely do the Wattpad cover. You can use the Wattpad cover for anything as long as it’s not for commercial purposes. :slight_smile:


Thanks, hun :heart:

🎻 SONATA Character Art「OPEN」

No worries about that, I wasn’t even planning on selling the printed piece anyways :slight_smile:
thanks so much!!


feel better soon <3


Thanks everyone! I have the flu. :frowning: I’m feeling a bit better today so I will start on these tonight and tomorrow. Sorry about that!


Glad you are feeling better! Sorry about the flu, we had it a few weeks ago! Not fun!


Sorry guys, I haven’t been too well too and I’ve had a lot of assignments due this month. It’s been crazy, but I’ve finally cleared most of the stuff. I’ll be starting all the requests today. :slight_smile: