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TITLE: spellcaster
AUTHOR: lindsay hodgson
SUBTITLE: she’s the marked one
IMAGES/INSPO: no particular images, but out of kristin’s examples i like: the faultless victim and city of crows, which is kind of what im looking for. that smokey / mysterious look. some inspo would be a dark castle (the school), woods, skyler samuels (look from nine lives of chloe king) who is the main girl and if you added her maybe make it so she has a serious or scared face. i don’t want the cover looking “happy” if you know what i mean
SUMMARY: basically a girl finds out she’s a spellcaster (sort of witch) who fight demons / rogue spellcasters and goes to a school for spellcasters. there’s romance, mystery and it’s quite dark compared to like harry potter, etc. i like to think of it close to the netflix series sabrina the teenage witch.
EXTRA: nothing more really, other than you are all talented!!
PREFERRED DESIGNER: kristinjamesx (only because she seems to do more of what i’m looking for)


Were you able to fix up the shattering glass on the cover I requested?


I am working on that. I lost the layers for the cover, so I had to basically start again. At least I have the base of it saved.

Sorry, I’m taking so long, I’ll get it done, possibly today.


Sorry but denied!


Ah, dude, that sucks. I use Photoshop a lot and that’s literally the most annoying thing.

Nah, it’s all good. I’m not desperate for it, so take ya time.


TITLE: The Cursed Lamb
AUTHOR: Lindsey Ussery
SUBTITLE: Upon her last breath
IMAGES/INSPO: Dark colors, it is a dark story. I was thinking something like this:


Except a snowy/frozen dark forest in the background and the one holding the sword is a fierce looking man in his mid or later twenties with dark blue eyes and dark auburn hair and the other half of the face in the reflection of the sword is an innocent looking girl with light blue eyes and straight red hair. Or it could be reversed and the girl is the one holding the sword and in the reflection is a dark auburn colored wolf. That was just my idea but I’m open to anything, really.

SUMMARY: Being thrown to the wolves is a death sentence. Adalia knows this all too well, as she is a slave in a kingdom full of cruel royals. When she is accused of a crime she committed out of moral, she is punished. Her sentence? Being thrown to the wolves. But things aren’t all as they seem in a world oblivious to the hidden creatures around them.
IS PAYMENT COMPLETED: I’m heading over to complete it now.
EXTRA: Genre is werewolf/fantasy
PASSWORD: I’m sorry I’m not familiar with tarot cards lol


Here’s the redo. I basically had to do it again, and for some reason the colour scheme didn’t come out the same. :sweat_smile:


Hi. I know it has been long, but do you still want me to make your cover? I’m available for the next few days and feel up to it. :blush:

If you still want it, I have a few questions.

Do you have any specific face claims for all those people you want? I don’t want to use a model that doesn’t look like your character. It would also be nice if you could provide me some images. :slight_smile:

Also, by open for ideas, do you mean you are flexible with those figures? If you are, that would make my job a lot easier :sweat_smile:


I actually like how the upper pictures look in the redo than the other cover. They look more blended together, so I’m more happier with the redo. Thank you so much!


hey! Just checking to see how the cover is coming :slight_smile:


Hey! Nearly there, been bombarded with clients this month >.<


isn’t that a good thing? :joy:


It would be if I wasn’t seriously behind, I have one client who calls me every 5 mins and Ive just been ignoring him. Im sooo screwed lmao


oh no!


Make a list maybe? It’s been helping me get caught up in my schoolwork (my ADHD is a big factor, I had my doctor take me off meds because my medication was effecting my driving to where my focus was too narrow, a thing perfect for school but when it comes to driving it has the potential for me to get in an accident, and I’m gonna be getting my license in the next two weeks) music also helps.

But, yeah, maybe try a list with your client orders? I dunno, you’ll get it done!


Have you also tried explaining though?


Aah lists don’t help, I’m actually gonna face the music tonight and get one clients stuff out of the way. Hes probably fired me, idk, lol


oof, that’s tough, facing the music is all we can do, I avoided it until it started blasting in my ears and keeping me from sleeping and started to drain me on all levels


I’m glad to hear this! No problem :slight_smile:


ANY TEXT: just the title

SUMMARY(DO YOU WANT IT BASED OFF A TV SHOW/MOVIE? A CHARACTER? ETC): it’s about a woman that wants payback after her attempted murder.
EXTRA: i was thinking bullet holes behind the main cast with them holding guns if possible. Or them standing in front of a brick wall. The face claims are … and …
GIF OR NO GIF: no gif
PASSWORD: I don’t have a favourite tarot card @thecrow