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TITLE: A Day In The Life of A Cat Named Daymondra
AUTHOR: Angel Durham
SUBTITLE: “What was that noise?!”
IMAGES/INSPO: These are actually my photos I took of my cat


SUMMARY: This will be a compilation of short stories about hilarious or touching instances with my cat as they happen, some will be told from what I imagine her view point will be, others will just be me telling the events
EXTRA: I doubt that goofy one will be of use, but once I walked into my room and found her like that
PASSWORD: I don’t know about tarot cards
PREFERRED DESIGNER: @KristinJamesx or @scmimi


Yes please if you’re able!! :smiley: No worries sorry for my late reply too recently got a new job so I’m tired xD


Sorry everyone. I was starting to feel better and then my health plummeted again. I’m working on everything now.
@Vexful here is the updated version of the previous banner. I switched the guys around and color balanced some of the face claims a bit more. Let me know if you’d like any other changes. I struggled with this one because I’ve never done so many face claims in one graphic o: I’m also gonna work on the other version, but I’m trying to make it through my queue first! hope that’s okay!


@darklinglimmer your cover is ready but please complete payment first before I post it. Thank you!

@PaigeGladden working on your banner now


@PaigeGladden I made a few different versions for your banner. I wasn’t sure which version I liked more so here ya go:

Version 1:no gif


Version 2: fire

Version 3: fire but altered

Version 4: smoke


@PaigeGladden please let me know which version you’ll be using and if you need anything changed!


accepted! Adding you to my queue now. xx


@KristinJamesx and @scmimi if you guys wanna send me your queue list I’ll put those in for you xx


My Queue:



So hard to choose!!!
I like the 3rd and 4th so much but hubby said 4th. He said “Well… Shadows are in the name so the 4th would probably be better” haha. XD


this is a silly question I know but where do banners go :smiley:


You can add them into the chapter images so its sort of like a cover for the chapters. I use them on tumblr and stuff too when I post my work there. I don’t mind them being used offsite if you have other socials you use to share your novel!


I’m pretty sure I already completed the payment? Who am I not following?


Me… lol


Awh it’s lovely! Thank you hun :slight_smile: I hope you’re feeling better now!!


could have sworn I had followed everyone… I’m the worst. All done with payment now!


Sorry it’s been ages, just wondering if you need anything from me? :slight_smile: Don’t remember if i answered everything from you <3


heyaa, could you send the cover over since it’s finished? I’m v excited to see it! :slight_smile:


Sorry I didnt get any notifications for the thread I was wondering what happened o: Ill go ahead and post it now! One sec while I load up my laptop xx


I’m also finishing my orders today and I just realized I didnt put whether icons were 3pk or 6pk as an option in my form so which would you like love, 3 or 6? :slight_smile:


@darklinglimmer here is your cover. Please let me know if you would like any changes made. I took some inspo from the cover you provided but I tried to make it my own design so I hope you like it! I was happy to get the chance to work on something light/soft for a change, as I normally work with the darker themes!