hiring for a group graphic thread


hello hello! i’m looking to hire 2-3 other people for a group thread where designers can make whatever graphics they want. i aim to do covers, story ads, and threads to practice my design techniques.

my examples can be found here

graphics offered:
discord username (if applicable):

i’ll leave this open for maybe 4-5 days and then tag the designers i’ve chosen. super excited to work with you all! c:

username: --creativity--
name: ela
examples: https://www.wattpad.com/story/234785924-glitter-graphic-shop
graphic offered: book covers, aesthetic, banners

is it okay if i only do moodboards?

Saldy I dont have discord, is there a way I could join!

@_creativity u/c :smile:

@no_anime yeah that’s fine!!

@ParanormalPoetry it’s totally fine if you don’t have a discord, I would just need to find another way to communicate with the group!

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hey!! ik this is a group but i figured i’d finally take u up on that thread offer :]
username: korralistic
name: jade/jay
examples: https://imgbox.com/g/3Bf6SuItNI outdated tho… should probably upload my recent stuff
graphics offered: covers, i can attempt banners (+gif) again maybe. if you need more from me i can see what i can do!
discord username (if applicable): nani#6456 !


omg you’re here :pleading_face::point_right:t3::point_left:t3: :heart: thank u for applying!! you’re highly u/c :wink:

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username: no_anime
name: erika
examples: below
graphics offered: moodboards
discord username (if applicable): none


ye!! ty :’’)

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Please tag me if you start this thread~

user: @angestria
name: angie
examples: https://imgur.com/a/krVK4YP
graphics offered: covers and banners
discord: no taking break from it