Hiring Thread


Listed below are available positions on group graphic threads, competitions and teaching/tutorial classes. Please only apply if you feel you can meet the manager’s needs .

DO NOT reply or ask questions here, please private message the manager for more details on how to apply for the position.

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Group Manager

Please post below with details of the position that you are hiring for. :memo:

You can either use a Google form (which is more organised for you) or include details of what is expected of those who apply, time scale, what information you require. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Once accepted you can pm the hidden staffroom link to your members or tag them on it. :card_index:

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Please post ONCE only in consideration of others. :mailbox:

If all positions are filled, please edit your post to read “closed”. :no_entry_sign:

If reserved spots are not replaced with a hiring notice within 24 hours, it will be removed in consideration of other notices. :hourglass:

Note!: all types of hiring threads will be closed in the club.

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Some examples:

Example Google form Took 20 minutes to set up from a mobile

Example form response view

Hiring - Cover Designers
Where do old threads like Hiring Notices, Contests, etcetera go now?
About the Covers and Graphics category
Why isn't there a "hiring" section?
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:studio_microphone: closed :studio_microphone:


Graphic Girls

We need More graphic designers.

Pm graphicgirls for details


I would love to be apart of it!





I’m starting a group graphics thread, and am looking for ~10 designers. please fill the following form and pm it to me if interested ~

graphics that you’re willing to make:


I couldn’t find anywhere else to post this, so direct in the right direction if I am wrong.

(Closed) I am looking for a co admin to help me create an awesome book club. Requirements : ability to read mature content, have Google hangouts, and active on wattpad

Pm me completed form
Available Times:
Do you have an ideas for a book club? (Optional)



Contact myself or @ms_passionista for more details.