Historical Fiction Lovers!!!! Come Here for Fun!

For all you historical fiction readers and writers, post your stories here, and your fave historical fiction novels! Mine is Tamera Alexander. My story is set in the 1860’s during the civil war and is about a headstrong girl, her marriage, and life. With some sass thrown in. That was an example, but if you want to read it, let me know too, lol. This thread is for everyone interested.


Have a few historical stories (mostly in the romance category) and I love to read them! There’s a guide I’ve read that’s a great resource about writing historical fiction.

Historical romance is good. fun to write. what’s the guide called?

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Medieval Underpants and Other Blunders; it’s fun! The writer is a published author and editor. It has how to write about touchy subjects, British English compared to American English, learning to think in a historical mindset, and avoiding presentism (a big turn off for serious readers) and how to make your work as historically accurate as possible. It’s one of my favorite guides!


Wow! great, thanks so much for the info. historical accuracy is extremely important.

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Hey I have write a story about a girl that is found in the woods by a couple of men. The men take her to town with them. The girl is unable to talk or act like a normal human. What will happen next and will they found out what her past has been like? The story is set in the Middle Ages. I have 2 chapters.

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I’m writing a historical family saga set over three generations starting in late-colonial Australia and ending with the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong in WWII (1874-1941). It’s a mish-mash of my own family history, fictional elements and historical figures, but mostly focussed on the family themselves and what happens to them against the backdrop of historical events.

I have a whole file of stories I want to write - about Sissi of Austria and Ludwig II, about Hollywood from the 20s to the 60s, and how many female directors and writers were pushed out once sound came in. About Elisabeth Bathory and whether she was really what they claimed (aka a blood-bathing serial murderer) or it was a plot to claim her lands and autonomy by her cousin. Hopefully I’ll get to them one day!

As for historical novels I really love - there’s too many of them, as I read them more than any other genre. Elena Ferrante’s series is spectacular, and that’s what I’ve been reading lately so it’s getting my top vote for the moment. The last time historical fiction had a huge market was the 70s, and it’s funny to me to think of massive tomes like Shogun or The Thornbirds being bestsellers when these days it’s rare if anything over 100k ever gets read (unless it’s fantasy, of course).

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love that!!!

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Hollywood during that time? MAY I READ IT? I have not heard of ferrante but will look into it!!! true. I just think its unfair how fantasy is the most popular genre on wattpad.

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Of course, only problem is I haven’t written it yet :sweat_smile: It’s next on my list after my current WIP. As for Ferrante there’s also an adaptation of the first novel - My Brilliant Friend - that HBO did, second season is coming out this year based on the second book. It’s also beautifully done, really captures the post-war poverty of Naples and the fractious friendship between the protagonists :slight_smile:

It’s funny cause fantasy is certainly not the most popular genre in trad publishing - it’s popular with a subset of readers, but historical fiction gets no attention here but it’s fairly popular out in the mainstream world. Plenty of hist fic bestsellers (Philippa Gregory for example, or Ken Follett and Hilary Mantel). In fact they get adapted more often too so reach a wider adult audience in my experience. But they don’t become huge properties like HP or GoT, like they did back in the day. Unless you write a breakout success in fantasy you will probably have better luck writing hist fic as you can respectably sit on the midlist in that genre.

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Hello @kukamukies

Hi Haruka, are you a hist fic writer as well?


What historical periods do you tend to write in?

I write on the following:

410 BC
15th Century

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That’s pretty diverse! I tend to stick to the 19th and 20th centuries, though I’d like to go further back sometime. Just so much research for each time period!


No. I am not even fond of fantasy. Heard of Tamera Alexander? She’s very popular as a hist fic writer. I know, they don’t. I have not come across anything that can compare to HP or p and p. Yet some say twilight. ugh.

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