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A historical romance unlike any you’ve ever read. The male man character suffers from albinism and his lover suffers from being heinous. It starts out a carefree affair between a socialite and his mistress, and devolves into a tumultuous battle of wills where someone must yield, or someone might die.


The Duke’s Library




Lord Benjamin Winters has ambitions to become the leader of the London Conclave of Magical Practitioners. He gets his wish, though not in the manner he had hoped, when the reclusive current leader, Avery Whitcomb, is found dead in his home. Ben and his cousin Oliver are certain there is foul play afoot - that Avery’s death is connected to the latest rash of crimes committed using black magic. When Ben comes face to face with Avery’s grieving sister, he makes a promise to find the killer, no matter the cost.

Lady Charlotte Whitcomb has lived in solitude for much of her life. Her brother Avery told her it was best, for her healing gift is rare, and were it ever discovered, her life would never be the same. With her brother now dead by nefarious means, she is left unprotected and exposed to a world of magic, mystery, and murder. She is determined not only to survive, but to ensure that her brother’s killer is brought to justice, with or without the help of the overbearing and unaccountably attractive Lord Winters.




Or ‘129 Ways to Catch a Husband’.

New York. 1952. Modesto Martinez has just arrived in the city, living with his aunt and uncle and ready to make the most of his new life in the USA. On the way to work, Modesto comes across a curious book: a guide that lists 129 ways to catch a husband. It lists dozens of ways to meet the man of his dreams - from making toupees to standing on a street corner with a lasso.

Ever the optimist, Modesto decides to try some of the advice, but he doesn’t expect it to actually work - or the catch the eye of the dashing and intoxicatingly cultured, James Barker.

But it’s still 1952 and the path to love isn’t easy for an interracial couple even in New York.

A new novel that will update daily starting Valentines Day 2019.

Artwork by @AWFrasier


Title: From Riches to Rags
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/176381523-from-riches-to-rags

Story Description: Princess Elizabeth of Nithalandia is getting married. Married to a sick, abusive prince in order to prevent her kingdom from going to war. When she decides that going through with the wedding isn’t worth the price she’d have to pay, Elizabeth must now take it upon herself to save her kingdom from the forces that threaten to destroy it, all while trying to survive being on the run from that same kingdom.

Captain Dex Bradshaw is a pirate with a dark past that’s left him cold and on a path for revenge. When Elizabeth encounters the pirate she realizes that his past is riddled with secrets, secrets that could either be the key to saving her kingdom or the final nail in Nithalandia’s coffin.

A compelling tale of adventure that takes place in a fantasy world during the 1100’s. Follow Princess Elizabeth on her journey as she unravels the secrets of her kingdom and risks everything to keep it from falling apart.

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