Hobbies Other Than Writing!



So, I know a lot of people here write and read, of course. But, I was wondering what else you all did to pass the spare time?

Personally, I sing and make music! I even have a YouTube, but I haven’t really posted there a lot.

Recently, I’ve just finished writing and recording my own song called Is It Too Much?

So, what about you?


I like to work on edits ^^
I have a PicsArt account where I work on these : )
It’s fun to do and really makes for a great activity!


This may be weird to some but I really love solving Sudoku puzzles when I’m not reading or writing


These days I mostly do worldbuilding for my story universe. The current project is laying out the main highway and rail corridors around the capital city.


I like drawing, I have a deviantart account =^^= I’ve just started as a writer though.


I. Love. Sudoku.

I won a competition on a cruise once. You had to solve the puzzle they gave you. To win, you had to finish before everyone else, and it had to be correct.

Sadly, I arrived 10 mins late. Happily, I still won and got 2 free muffins and a coffee!


I’ve tried for so long to sit down and practice drawing, because I’ve always wanted to. But every time I do, I lose the motivation to do so.

I envy you.

Welcome to the writing world though!


Haha, the same thing happened to me with writing, but recently I decided to challenge myself, so I sat and wrote a chapter


Wow!! I love Sudoku competitions but most of the time, I can’t qualify for it :sob:


To have that motivation and determination :sob:

I’m proud of you though. Challenging yourself!


Oh, I speed run Sudoku. Just smash through them.

Though, I haven’t done one since that cruise and that was almost 3 years ago ahah


oh well you should try to get back to it tho. it’s a great time-killer and quite fun


I really need to. Fit it in somewhere with my writing and singing. Or take some to work…


Does anyone do cooking as a hobby? :hugs:


Me!! I love cooking!

I also love singing. I cover a lot on my YouTube channel, but rarely do so these days.

I also love watching anime and drawing as a hobby (hence which is why my iPad Pro is definitely is in good use!)


I’m a fulltime student - studying art. I used to work as a photographer too, but put that on hold to study. I also draw, paint and I’ve been playing the clarinet since I was 8.

So arts and music is my passions alongside creative writing :smile:


Oh wow, that’s cool, cooking is such a relaxing hobby, I heard from others. What types of foods do you cook?

And lol, I can’t draw at all, it’s bad but I’ve made 3D items before using software so that’s amazing ^^


I used to watch a lot of anime too xD


I like drawing, too! (I’m a fan-artist.)
But never pursued it seriously. Don’t want to make the same mistake with writing, though.


Fan-artist, huh? :smirk: What do you draw?