Hobbies Other Than Writing!


I have a mild addiction to baking competition shows.


Gordon Ramsay shows, by chance?


I like to play Pokemon most of the time. I’ll also watch TV or listen to music. If I’m in the mood for it, I’ll draw something.


Favorite Pokemon Region?




I see you’re a person of culture.

Kalos was really good and I agree. It felt more like an actual anime than the other regions, especially Alola. Not hating on the new one, but it’s just not for me.


Yeah… I didn’t care much for Alola myself. I mean, the new Pokemon were pretty good… but the overall gameplay was weird, especially with the fact that they did away with the gyms for something new. It just seemed totally out of place for me, you know?


No, no cooking. Just baking, specifically.


Ah, that’s nice too. There’s this youtube channel called TASTY and on there they have plenty of Baking related videos.


Yeah, I understand. I thought they could do a Battle Frontier type thing but well—it is what it is. Hope the new Shiled and Sword are going to be good.

I mean: they’ve already been blessed by the meme community.


I love that anime. :smile:


I’ve never seen it!
But I’m glad you recognized the character, yes?


Well, otherwise, I have several interests. I play blues harp (publicly) Sing, (won a couple a trophies, at local dives, no biggie) Design and build home Speaker systems, and screw around with programming, - lately just spreadsheet stuff, on occasion. I used to do a mess of raquetball and biking (not so much anymore, due to the area, etc.) Cooking and baking ( have done so on long term daily basis at times, no problem, I enjoy it). Like outdoor gardening when I have the chance, Repair and restoration as opportunity and supplies appear.) Basically, I can zoom in on and get interested in anything head and hands related,given exposure.


B class president ? Yeah. There two characters that have long untied hair, but they have two different expressions.


Oh cool I’m studying software engineering in college , so I also write codes. I’m only freshman that can create text based game only, but in junior year we can take course (If we want to) about Game Design. :smile:


My hobbies apart from writing are photography, cooking and making graphics. I’m sure I have other hobbies too but they are the ones that stick out most :joy:


my main hobby is schouting
i’m Dutch so i dont know if this is how you call it in english


Hey!! Other than writing I also perform songs.


I do pyrography (woodburning) :smiley:


I just found this thread, so I’m jumping in :slightly_smiling_face:

My main hobby is photography. It used to be my job but now it’s a lover instead of a boss and we get on much better. Not sure if this counts as a hobby, but I’m currently (re)learning French. I took lessons in high school but haven’t used it for more than 20 years, apart from drunken chats with tourists, so I dived into the world of Duolingo.