Hobbies Other Than Writing!

singing, guitar,dancing

Singing. :grin:

I’m a mixed martial artist for 3 years. Anyone have question about realistic fight scenes let me know! My stories are mostly romance so I never get to flex my knowledge on hand to hand combat.

Ohhh that’s so cool! I used to want to be a singer😅

Other than randomly singing along to my jams, I also enjoy photography & travelling. I even have a blog & travel IG but now I’m taking 2 weeks off from posting on IG. It’s good for the mental.

It’s a cool art you have there!

I used to use duolingo too for mi español :sweat_smile:

I’m a little late to the party, but then again going to parties is not a hobby of mine.

I really love baking. There is this thing called procrastibaking (its real, google it), and since I’m a university student, when finals hit there are always a ton of baked goods. I also love gardening, in any capacity - from window gardening to raised-bed to in-the-ground. I guess my final and less frequent one of my main hobbies has to be be hiking. Here in NC, we have some awesome trails, from mountains to coast; my biggest issue with hiking comes to carving out the time.

I sew stuff. I did cosplay intensively for a while but now I’m focusing on making regular clothes that actually fit me right.
I started a little indoor garden this year and I’m really excited with how well the seeds are sprouting.

I’m an amateur powerlifter who occasionally tinkers with an acoustic guitar. About sums up my other hobbies!

I draw and paint! Other than that and reading/writing not much. I guess my work too if you can count that as a hobby?

I usually make covers with Picsart or draw any fun thing I can think of

What do you grow?

I do a lot of container growing. Spinach, leaf lettuce, rocket/arugula, chives, and radishes all do well. I’ve also tried different kinds of cress and Asian greens such as pac choi and hon tsai tai. Also the usual kitchen herbs—parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and marjoram. And Genovese basil for pesto.

Hi, so I commented a long while ago but go ignored so… I’m back… Yeah. I’m still into martial arts and video games but I’ve been practicing drawing a little bit. Plus I’m studying engineering so… yeah. Hi, again. Maybe.

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I’ve got some tobacco and sage sprouted, and lavender potted. Eating wise, I’ve got three nasturtiums, and have mostly run out of containers to grow things in. I’ve tried rosemary but it seems to actively resent me and has died twice.

I draw (I have an instagram, ilianasarigo there as well) I sometimes sing, I play piano a bit (only good enough to play my own tunes) I play video games sometimes (I’m in the middle of playing tales of the abyss with my sister) I write poetry occasionly wait that counts as writing, I read…

That’s really cool! What video games are you into?

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Watching anime and reading manga. Other than that I don’t have many hobbies besides that and writing. Everything else requires too much effort to me or don’t interest me enough.

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I’ve been playing Skyrim a lot lately along with Xcom 2 (doing a Long War run right now), Battle Brothers, and I tried to get into Blood Bowl a bit (yes, I know, I’m a nerd).

Do you write reviews of stuff you watch?

I don’t know what any of those are, though of course I’ve heard of skyrim. XD…

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