Hobbies Other Than Writing!


I actually cook anything but I mostly cook fried rice.


That’s awesome, I love rice :yum: :rice:


My fried rice are always spicy, because I use chili paste most of the time. I sometimes didn’t use it but it’s quite rare.


Spicy? I don’t like spicy food all that much. I’m OK with mild spice though, just not super extreme or I start getting tears in my eyes :sweat_smile:


Ah too bad… It helps you sweat without exercise.


So does wearing my winter coat in the summer :laughing:
Don’t ask why I did this lol


Well, I drew this character from Classroom of the Elite. (And whatever stuff I feel like scratching out.) I don’t claim to be good, so no need to point out the obvious. :slight_smile:


Oooohh !! A traditional artist! I’m on the digital side, so seeing something done with pen and paper is very refreshing. :heart: Although I don’t know the show, I’d say it’s pretty good, the face and clothes are well shaped and the hair is very anime-like. I approve. xD


Not to me. I live right in the middle of the equator. No snow.


Why, thank you! That’s very generous of you to give a compliment!
Yes, I draw with pencil and pen. (Pen is inherently dangerous since mistakes can’t be corrected as you know, but whatever I have in my hand is what I use. :slight_smile:
I have bunches of these little scratched out drawings (all anime-esque) sprinkled throughout my notepads. I draw just for fun, not for any gain (although people tell me my style is stuck in the 90s-00s).


Yeah, I know. I don’t dare to use a pen! xD In fact, I haven’t used one to draw in years. xD
It’s good to see you do it for fun, artists these days are all about getting commissions and stuff. I admit being guilty on taking some commissions as well, but I never keep the money. I donate it to a friend in need or to an animal shelter, etc.


i really like to play volleyball heheh and i love to draw. For me, I would love to pursue art as a passion. :3


Good to see another fellow artist! =^^=


aaas heheh i would love to see some of your art if you will :smiley:


oops i meant yaaaas*


Omg, I’m so embarrassed /////


I’m not really good at it, but if you’re interested you can see more here /// --> https://www.deviantart.com/cuteyaoifan-shey/gallery/

Would you show some of yours as well? :3


I do fencing, although not as frequently as I used to a few years back.


WOAH you’re so talented!!! I could never do digital art HAHAH but omg i LOVE your wolf painting!!!


o///o Woah, thank you /// hides
Yeah, I draw a lot of animal stuff, I like the fluffy cutes hehe ^///^


i spend a lot of time during the summer fishing, hiking, climbing waterfalls (highest one being 110 feet.) i also play chess.