Hobbies Other Than Writing!


I like to make Music Video mash-ups.

Here is one I made for KIRA’s VOCALOID song called MONSTER, featuring GUMI:

Then, here is one I made with Keala Settle singing This is Me and Sia singing The Greatest:



I love to bake! I bake every weekend to ease my nerves, actually.


Anime and Manga.


Well, besides writing I also bake and play violin and piano, oh my biggest cooking hobby is making pancake art XD


Wow that’s cool


Good question, am trying out blogging (it’s still writing, I guess)

Apart from writing or reading for school and other stuff, the only hobby I can think of is that I sleep alot. 🤷


I don’t see any reason why you should feel guilty about taking some commissions. If your art is good enough and someone’s willing to pay to get something they want, I think it’s totally fine. I’m not on deviantart, but is that the general feeling over there? (I know it’s a huge art community, so there should be all kinds of people with all kinds of opinions on the matter.)


Yes, I second what truthfulmistakes said. You’re so talented!
Don’t you add art to your books, then? I’m going to take a peek now.


Hi! other than general wattpadding I like making stuffed animals and I enjoy redrawing anime pics, although I design some myself as well. I’ve never owned a drawing tablet, so all of my artworks are traditional.


These are lovely


I want to pull his horns, but I feel like he’ll probably stab me with them instead :sweat_smile:


Hi, so other than writing on Wattpad (and being in the clubs and all) I do have a few other hobbies as well. I play video games for fun, some of which I’ve thought about writing fanfics about tbh (sorry, nerd here). And I am studying Mechanical Engineering and know some technology stuff from that. But I also study Martial Arts.


Sailing (when the water’s not frozen). Running rapids. Gardening outdoors and in a greenhouse.

Cooking. I love cookery!


Gardening? Cute! I’ve always wanted a greenhouse but then again, I live in an apartment.


Hey! :joy:
I like to sing also yet I’m too shy to post anything lol and usually I write poetry but when I’m bored I’ll start editing my Spotify playlists or watch YouTube videos on random things. I’m currently working on a screenplay with my friend but I have so much going on I’m lazy haha
What’s your YouTube? I’d love to hear your song! :black_heart:


Oh Lordy, so many things.

First and foremost, I love theatre. Acting, tech, all of it. I love performing the most, but lately I’ve been doing a lot of set painting and lighting work and I recently assistant directed 13 the Musical. I also work as a scare actor during Halloween which is super fun.

I also model for fun, been published a couple times which is awesome. I also draw and paint, there’s a book on my WP dedicated to art for that reason. Basically if it’s art related, I’m all about it.

Also love reading and video games (KHIII is about to be MY LIFE). So yeah, that’s me in a nutshell lol


I design and sew dresses in my free time and also do embroidery. I actually work as an alterations seamstress in a bridal shop for work, but it’s more fun when I’m doing it for myself because I get to be more creative.

I sometimes also draw or paint, but I haven’t really been doing it so much lately, except when I’m sketching a design.


Can you sketch me a wedding dress and a veil? :star_struck:


Sure. What kind?


Sexy, yet elegant. Strapless, pouf from middle to bottom of the legs, no pattern. Sprinkles of bling around the chest.

The veil should be plain, and a floral tiara that matches, made in silver.