Hobbies Other Than Writing!


So, like a mermaid style with embellishment around the neckline?




Artistic expression is my favorite type of hobbies because in my friend group its not normalized.

ALONE: So I like writing, reading, I like painting, I used to like writing poetry but now reading it, I love music which is fine for my friends and family that do music but none of them do folk neo soul punk and alternative so its my guilty pleasure.

WITH MY FRIENDS: We do Adventure time on the weekends. Someone is assigned a day with in a month and they have to plan a whole day of activities we live in New york but sometimes its out the city. I party a lot, we do paintball, running, I make clothes, im competitive so like sports, I like dancing, im a foodie its very repetative


Ok. May take a few days because I’m out of town at a funeral. But I can sketch it when I get back.


I use the Internet a lot and generally look up pop culture types of things.




Writing poems/songs/karaoke
But my favorite thing of all time is



Same!!! Procrastinating is my middle name… I have ten days of holidays left and a pile of work and I have touched nothing till now…


I don’t know why but my best work can come out of doing things last minute. I think it’s because if you do something quick your brain doesn’t have time for doubts. I don’t try to encourage anyone to do that but when I go quickly through something like my college test for example I get at least 6 points higher.

I try to give myself deadlines so I’m not overwhelmed. I hope you enjoy your break though


I do mine best too at the last minute. Honestly, whenever I give myself deadlines, I just can’t stick to them. It’s only if someone else gives me deadlines, then I can do the job. And thank you!! :blush:


Reading (mostly manga and webtoons lately)
Watching documentaries on Youtube
Listening to and discovering new music (not sure if this counts as a hobby :laughing:)


Nope, I don’t add art to my books xD


but why not, you should :pleading_face:


Because it wouldn’t look professional. ;; I’ve always thought that books with illustrations were for kids. Maybe it’s just my opinion. xD Plus it would take me a lot of time.


good point :hushed:
your art is nice to look at tho. If I came across it in a book you were writing, I’d be overjoyed :sweat_smile:


Haha well, I might add one or two drawings then ^///^
It could be an interesting Wattpad-only feature. :smile: But right now I’m struggling with writing the book, this is my first time attempting writing.


YES! :partying_face:
Oh, I know how that feels :sweat: we’ll get there


Are you a beginner at writing too?


yep. I only started late this year on Wattpad :smile:


Ah, so cool! Glad to see I’m not the only one! <33