Hobbies Other Than Writing!


newbies unite :star_struck::rofl:


Yes, this is Wattpad. I think it encourages multi-media. What makes sense for WP doesn’t have to make sense anywhere else.
I’m like you…I want my story to be not be thought of as just for kids, but I’m on here to build readership and find an audience. And I think having nice looking art (like yours) would help that. If I was better myself, I’d be drawing my own pics and adding them to my book, too! I may have to find an artist to collaborate with. :stuck_out_tongue:
Once you have readers, a lot more opportunities open to you.


So am I! Although I jumped onto WP in 2017, I didn’t start until March of this year (and I finished just last month :smile:) It was hard!



I turn alpaca fur into yarn, I’ve got a spinning wheel, and seven alpacas. I use koolaid to dye the fur or put bright colored fibers into dark alpaca fur.

It’s a great hobby. Very relaxing.


Oh wow!! That’s so cool!! It looks pretty complicated though??



Not complicated, there are a lot of steps. But once upon a time, every inch of cloth and thread was made this way.

I’ll sit down at the wheel and spin up a couple ounces of fiber in an hour.

I got started on this hobby because I wrote a post-apocalypse series and wanted to know how hard it would be to make your own clothes.


Wow!! That’s serious dedication. I used to crochet a long time ago and I found that pretty hard but this just takes the cake!! Honestly tho, they look pretty cool!!


I LOVE to crochet. This is just an extension of that hobby.



Wow!! You are so talented. It’s incredible!!


I draw, sing, play piano, make music, do martial arts + sports, and I’m a professional high school student :wink:


Other hobbies include drawing and crafting. I want to also start doll repaints this new year.


Oh, another hobby-daydreaming :blush:




Cool :cloud:


So many artists here :slight_smile: I feel like I’m more boring with my hobbies than that :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a gamer. I play all kinds of stuff on pc, PlayStation and even the table top :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a big fan of role playing and strategy games


I make friends with imaginary creatures


I play a lot of video games and read a lot of books. I’ve also gotten into body painting. My profile picture is actually my Halloween costume from this year. I painted a pretty pink skeleton on my skin.


What kinds of games do you like? :slight_smile:


I play a lot of RPGs. I think that takes up the bulk of my time. I’m playing Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Skies right now on PC. Also play a lot of VR stuff.

To me, playing video games is a lot like reading. You’re immersing yourself in a story and kind of picturing yourself as the character. :heart::heart::heart:


Nice I’m an RPG fan too :slight_smile: I just got a legal copy of Fallout 4 the other day. I’ve been playing through that again